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  1. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    I have read many of your contributions, not just to this thread. You make negative comments about other coaching centres as well and you write as if you are an expert. Do you know what it means by "jack of all trades?" My advice, stick to one and be an expert, maybe just IT? If you prefer not to...
  2. DucKy::

    Mr 100% coaching college

    Before it starts I want to say that I am sick and tired of JR-bashing, why don't you just type it into the search function and join one of those threads? When I was at ruse I found the teachers were extremely dedicated to our education. The only exceptions were new teachers, recently hired...
  3. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Yes, he is very nice. And you are obviously not too good at judging people. For that, I will disregard your petty assault. And my next suggestion is actually a very strong piece of advice for you to make sure next time, you're properly informed about the topic before deciding to attack it...
  4. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Oasfree , do you have somehting against Dr Truong. No one respects him for the way he runs the business. He helps alot of students out for free and he really cares about his students to the extent that we can all see that he stresses about all of us. After the HSC , all his students come and...
  5. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Re: Fairfield Troung's recommendation - English That's exactly sir!!!!! Fun, effective teaching! But the key thing most people miss about his tutoring is his emphasis on the traditional ways. I understand what you mean about being uncomfortable with bowing, especially since it is such an old...
  6. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Re: Fairfield Troung's recommendation - English It's not just Ms Diab that's really good - he tries to get the best teachers he can to work there - Mayers is also soooo nice and funny, although I think she teaches the junior classes? So while Diab is fantastic for HSC (teaching by rubric suits...
  7. DucKy::

    Tutoring is forced homework?

    You should look at the HSC now. The only subjects I completed that involved creative learning (I felt) were history and extension history. The others (math, chem, eng) were rote, and also happen to be some of the better scaling subjects. In recent years students have commented after each HSC how...
  8. DucKy::

    Truongs Maths Tutoring, any comments?

    Re: Truong's tutoring, any comments? Oasfree you seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against him? (Or tutors overall?) I strongly disagree with almost everything you have said about him - this is a man that has helped so many people so much it's unbelievable - you're missing out on...
  9. DucKy::

    Section 2

    Re: case study - wtf!? i ignored most of the quote, cept for the last two lines yeh, i did context affecting subjective interpretations
  10. DucKy::

    Section 1

    Re: First question's quote: ho-hum? the first half of the source was in another paper. last years hsc i believe. same question on purpose too, except more specific
  11. DucKy::

    Section 2

    u noe how it sez "last story"? did ur narrator die in the end? mine did
  12. DucKy::

    Poll: Physical Journey question

    Re: Physical Journey question i dont do phys but i agree that it wasn't very open. i thought of module b when i read it hahahaha
  13. DucKy::

    This Years English Paper Was Hard

    comprehension was difficult yeh. i spent more time on it than i would have liked. the essay kinda stumped me at first hahaha i gave up on it after writing half of the intro and went back to do section 2
  14. DucKy::

    Structure of essay

    they can't realli penalise you for having paragraphs that are too long, although all paragraphs seem lengthy in hsc because of the booklets. sub paragraphs mite disrupt your argument, because typically a new paragraph means a totally new idea or text. there wouldnt be a problem if it was a text...
  15. DucKy::

    What you NEED to use for the AOS essay.

    however you don't want to just know the second one too briefly what if your first text doesnt match the question, then you mite want to rely on the second. i don't think there's ever been a case when they specified a poem for the poetry ppl, has there? then they'll have to specify a chapter...
  16. DucKy::

    what makes james ruse better than other schools??

    free beer. yay. u REALLY need to get out more then if u think beer is that great..
  17. DucKy::

    To all that does agriculture!!

    dpends dude.. if ur gonna do bio sum of the ag stuff u cover overlaps with bio o yeh n once u hit yr 12 n ur doin ag, do the electives, not the project, coz the electives tend to overlap with the normal units too unless uve got a brilliant idea for ur project n ur sure ur snowpeas or...
  18. DucKy::

    what makes james ruse better than other schools??

    . . . i'm a rusie!! srsly u ppl out there hu bag out ruse ppl why dun u guys actually try to meet more rusies? granted, there are some of us who fit into the stereotypical "ruse student" image perfectly, but u noe, that's onli a minority of us, and even these "nerds" are really cool once you...