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  1. emmkayyez


    Hi, I'm doing BSciIT and I was wondering which option is the best to make my workload not as heavy. I want to do Internetworking and Applications as a major. The Student Centre said that I have to either pick another major or do 2 submajor alongside my major or do 2 electives alongside my...
  2. emmkayyez

    2013 Autumn Semester Timetables (UTS)

    My timetable seems fine.. although I'm a little confused on how I can attend the Tuesday 2pm session since they are both the same? I called up UTS and they say it'll be half a lec and half a sem. Is this right?
  3. emmkayyez

    Engineering/IT Camp 2013

    Did you guys receive the information through your UTS email? I've already registered but it's only because I found out through this forum. Why haven't I received the email?
  4. emmkayyez

    Mathematics involved in BScIT/BIT

    Ahh ok. Thanks! That puts my mind at ease :)
  5. emmkayyez

    Mathematics involved in BScIT/BIT

    Hi, I am enrolled in the B Science in Info Tech, majoring in Internetworking and Applications and my sub-major is Business Information Systems Management. I was just wondering how much Maths I should know? I did General Maths (2 unit) in high school and was wondering if it's enough maths...
  6. emmkayyez

    What exacty did people right about for CRIME?

    I talked about flaws of the courts ie. plea bargaining, and various other ways that can reduce an offender's sentence. I talked about the media and I talked about youth justice conferencing/programs
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    2012 Legal Studies Exam Paper

    Yay! Haha, but I'll pass on that thanks to my friend who actually scanned it :)
  8. emmkayyez

    2012 Legal Studies Exam Paper

    Here is a copy of the exam. I would like to thank maknaedori for scanning the paper for me and allowing me to upload it. Enjoy!
  9. emmkayyez

    Rate the difficulty of the exam

    1 being easy, 10 being hard
  10. emmkayyez

    Multiple Choice

    Can someone post up the questions please?
  11. emmkayyez

    General Thoughts: Biology

  12. emmkayyez

    Capture recapture Q

    I used trial and error LMAO and got an answer of 270. Totally forgot the capture-recapture formula even though I do biology =='
  13. emmkayyez

    Can't concentrate!

    HAHA yea. I think it's because it puts more stress and therefore we have to get it done. With so many days to study we're all just going to keep procrastinating... thinking that we'll do it tmro or something xD
  14. emmkayyez

    Can't concentrate!

    My next exam is Legal... I have 9 days to study for it.. since gneral maths exam... I'm just putting it off day by day.. *sigh* but i'm slowly getting back in i suppose
  15. emmkayyez

    What are you currently Reading?

    Last Witness by Jilliane Hoffman
  16. emmkayyez

    Musical Instruments

    My first ever instrument was the recorder HAHA (because of primary school). Then when I went into high school I took an interest in piano and self taught myself. I stopped playing because of the HSC. I also played violin... and stopped because it was too hard xD And I also played the clarinet...
  17. emmkayyez

    2012 HSC General Maths paper

    So I've scanned both the multiple choice and short answers and put them into separate pdf files. They are not the best scanned papers as I was too lazy to make them look perfect... but they can be easily read. I've tried to remove as much of my markings as possible as well.
  18. emmkayyez

    Rate the difficulty of the exam

    1 being easy and 10 being hard