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  1. Loza33

    Illnesses, injuries, breakages.. what have you got/had??

    Yay!! I have a friend!!! And you caught it when you were older to?? i only found at i had it at 17... about a year ago... Did you have anything trigger it?? Mine was triggered by glandular fever.. oh that was fun few months :D What type of injections do you take??
  2. Loza33

    What now?

    Well the second i finish at 3:30 on friday i have to catch a plane down to melbuorne as i have workshops and auditions for the week there... fly back up on thursday and go to the ball on saturday night and off ot schoolies for a week!! After that... hm.. i want to work during the day and get a...
  3. Loza33


    I did Speculative fiction.. our teacher hadnt prepared us at all!! My story sucked... some chick turned her microscope into a robot and then her lesbian lover left her for a man and her and the robot travelled the world together... well there was more depth in it than that... still sucked...
  4. Loza33

    To stay or go?

    I'm seeling all my stuff.. There is a guy in year 10 who does all my subjects except maths.. so im sold him all my notes for every other subject warning him that for some.. eg. english he might not do the same topics i did!! I sold someone else my maths stuff and my calculator.. made a nice...
  5. Loza33

    General thoughts?

    Speculative fiction was hard!! Did anyone else find that?? However, even though it was hard and i thought i was going to fail.. i managed to write three booklets and some of it might have made sense!! Wohoo!!!
  6. Loza33

    Does anyone else not want to do this exam?

    YUVAL!!!!! I feel that by focusing on the fucos of this topic you failed to focus on speculative fiction!! THAT IS IT! We are going for a walk around the school!!!! Haha.. like i could ever handle being a donkey on the edge!! Id fall over the edge with just three pens!!! You get diving!!
  7. Loza33

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    They said in the markers comment that the majority of people last year wrote more than the alloted space for pompeii, but it was not necessarily reflective of marks and you could write in just that space and get full marks!! But guys, seriously! stop complaining!!! Obviously, you can write...
  8. Loza33

    Does anyone else not want to do this exam?

    I dont want to this exam at all..... We know nothing.. our whole class is freaking out, because we know we know nothing!!! Why is this everyones last exam?? I still have three more!! :'(:'( Going to fail!!! Spec. Fic is gay!!!! I need this to count...
  9. Loza33

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    My pompeii and herculaneum stuff was so bad!! I knew nothing on religion :'(.... makes me sad because i did so much!!!
  10. Loza33

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Fishy89sg Thank your comment, however i wasnt saying in that reply to yours! It was to this guy, who wrote the above comment at 10:45... So yes, they do think they are going to get band 6, they did say that, and they did leave in just over an hour!
  11. Loza33

    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods I did greek period 500-440 as well... and the naval one... i chose battles; artemisium, salamis and mycale... or platea.. haha whatever the sea battle is.. i am trying to forget it all!! Also talked in detail and themistocles and his role in the naval battles...
  12. Loza33

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Easiest exam ever?? WHAT?? I have done heaps of work and i found pompeii so hard... How on earth can anyone leave in just over an hour and think they are going to get band 6? Unless you write 5 pages in ten minutes you cant put in all the facts and quotes necessary to recieve a band 6...
  13. Loza33

    How was your school day?

    I started trials yesterday...... English Paper one... not too bad.... I have ext. english this afternoon.... gr.... bored of studying, so im sitting at the computer eating twisties... hm.. think im going to regret this...
  14. Loza33

    Group Performances

    Ours is actually done and working... I never would have believed it... We have this one guy who never shows up... he is about a millimetre away from failing his hsc because he never goes to any of his classes!! The other week we all yelled at him, got very angry, our teacher said he...
  15. Loza33

    10 Ways a boy can care about a girl

    What kind of stupid, immature idiot are you?
  16. Loza33

    How was your school day?

    Just teachers... which is good.. the teachers have seen my performance before and hence understand but still... There i was standing on stage in front of about 100 people trying to keep going even though it wasnt really working.... For those who didnt know they said it was fine.. but...
  17. Loza33

    How was your school day?

    I stuffed up my trial drama hsc.... Actually no i didnt.. some stupid teacher did! Half of it uses a video with music and stuff and the teacher went around the back before my performance and turned off the sound.... but of course im the one that suffers... great
  18. Loza33

    How was your school day?

    I think i would cry if our common room was closed... Actually since the heater broke we havent been using it so much... just to leave our bags... I spend my frees in the library as it is so much warmer! DRAMA PERFORMANCE TONIGHT!!!
  19. Loza33

    Long distance relationships.. A smooth transition to living together?

    Wow i was actually going to make a thread about this almost exact thing!! My boyfriend and i were living at the same school all last year... we didnt actually live together though, but we saw each other at breakfast, all day and dinner kind of thing.... Anyway thisyear he finished school and...