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  1. jazz519

    How waking up earlier, exercise, a good diet, AND study will give you the edge in the HSC

    I agree having a good diet and doing some form of exercise like soccer, running, walking etc. could be beneficial as it helps to keep the mind fresh and relaxed by reducing stress. The other part though on waking up at 5am you don't need to do this extreme kind of routine to perform well in the...
  2. jazz519

    importance of dux, 2nd, 3rd in university applications + scholarships

    I got there through a combination of a few factors - natural intelligence, hard work, studying ahead, doing lots of practice and always looking for ways to improve even if I got high marks in an assignment before. Firstly, a high level of natural intelligence as I had always performed quite...
  3. jazz519

    do i need chem for med

    If you had 2 students who both got into med with one who did chemistry and one who didn't do chemistry, there probably isn't any real advantage either has. The concepts studied in chemistry at a high school level have no link to medicine which would be more linked to biology. The only real thing...
  4. jazz519

    Solution equlibria stupid question

    Yeah I'm doing chemistry phd. I used to tutor but stopped at the end of last year to focus more on my degree so don't plan to get back into it anytime soon. However, there's plenty of people on this forum offering chemistry tutoring in the tutoring section so you might want to check that area of...
  5. jazz519

    Solution equlibria stupid question

    You can use either since it gives the final answer of whether it makes a precipitate or not. However, the last screenshot answer is more commonly how the question is answered so I would probably learn that way as it goes through the ionic product (Q) calculation which you could be asked to do...
  6. jazz519

    Is it worth it studying one term ahead?

    I studied ahead during my HSC. It can be very helpful but it all depends on does the student actually use it effectively. There isn't much point just doing content 1 term ahead if you don't in that time do the tutoring hw, make notes and actively engage with the content by doing some past paper...
  7. jazz519


    Yeah as the colour change is how you determine when the reaction is complete
  8. jazz519


    The first statement is correct. For the 2nd one this is not always the case. In a titration the unknown could be in the burette or in the conical flask. It's just more common that you place the unknown in the conical flask and known in the burette. However, sometimes a colour change using the...
  9. jazz519

    Which tutoring centres pay is tutors the most

    It's hard to say because most of the tutoring centres don't have a flat standard rate for all tutors. The amount you will get will be based on your marks, tutoring experience and any additional things that increase your worth such as you are currently studying an undergraduate degree in that...
  10. jazz519

    Is a study timetable necessary?

    I didn't use any study timetable What you are doing currently with the to-do-list is more than enough. Problem with study timetable is it doesn't take into account sometimes you need to do more work for one subject as you have an assignment or exam coming up or you just have more homework...
  11. jazz519

    Thoughts on Engineering (honours) and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW

    I would recommend asking on the UNSW reddit. There isn't many current uni students on BOS so its unlikely someone doing that degree will see it
  12. jazz519


    There's 2 steps in the MyUNSW website. You need to first enrol in the course and then click the select classes option after and you can see the times the classes are at and start selecting them. If you can't see the select classes then maybe it's not available at the moment for the commencing...
  13. jazz519

    When are the UNSW 2023 General Merit Undergraduate Scholarships for Commencing Students results coming out

    Was the scholarships just based on academics or did you have to do other stuff for it All the scholarships at UNSW even if it says it's an academic/merit based one you still have to fill out an application that they will read. So you can't really just solely rely on I got a 99 ATAR and so I will...
  14. jazz519

    When are the UNSW 2023 General Merit Undergraduate Scholarships for Commencing Students results coming out

    From my experience being successful for 4 different scholarships, there isn't really a set defined date for each scholarship to be offered out. It works on a process of the scholarships office assessing the applications and then sending out offers one by one. A certain time period is given for...
  15. jazz519

    importance of dux, 2nd, 3rd in university applications + scholarships

    This is not really a scholarship tbh in the normal sense of what one is. It's just a way for the uni to attract high level students its basically like a sign on bonus you would have at a company. From my own experience getting DUX at my school, AAA (academic achievement award) you get paid $4k...
  16. jazz519

    What modules/subtopics for prelim chem generally carry over the most for year 12 chem? Here's a list I made a few years back
  17. jazz519

    What does it take to maintain a wam of above 90-95 in a hard course?

    I can only speak for UNSW as I'm not aware of what kind of system goes on at other unis but you can probably find this easily through a quick search as the prizes/awards available are usually published on some website. It depends on the school and what they offer. In the school of chemistry...
  18. jazz519

    What does it take to maintain a wam of above 90-95 in a hard course?

    No but I won some awards and medals based on top performance in a subject or year so that's how I know I came top in those subjects/the highest WAM for the degree that year.