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    tafe GPA

    I don't know for a fact if at tafe the marks always count or not, but if you look at what a GPA is....a grade point average...then they most probably do....otherwise their GPA wouldn't really be a GPA.
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    UAI in one year

    You can actually do prelim+hsc (year 11+12) in 1 year @ randwick tafe for most subjects....except the one that is compulsory....english. So yeah it sucks but you basically have to take 2 years just for the 1 subject, unless things have changed since i last looked into doing it (around a year ago).
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    Is this allowed?

    you can do all 10 units or more at tafe. its exactly the same as doing them at high school and you can do the hsc through more than 1 place simultaneously so i don't know why this seems so weird to people.
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    Depression and the HSC - how do you cope?

    Re: Depression and the HSC well the problem is that someone who is seriously depressed (or sick) is probably going to have their hsc results affected so much that they won't get into uni. if its a big personal goal of theirs then they're probably only going to become more depressed (which...
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    If its so cryptic then use you're intelligence to figure out that it says I didn't redo the hsc and am not going to.
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    Can you read?
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    can you get kicked out?

    I'm not saying tafe is for dumb cunts or anything like that, but grades and university offers, and just being at uni, does not indicate any kind of intelligence (or lack of) either. It's not a very good argument to use if you ask me. :p
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    First of all, you shouldn't assume what goals people have or don't have. Maybe I do really want to "achieve" a certain UAI (however lame that sounds), or maybe I don't. I assure you though, I do not truly want to redo the HSC. There were problems with subjects/timetables, I didn't like the way...
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    Yeah I've looked into them. Subjects on offer are pretty limited though and I don't know if they offer them intensively. If not, then I can't do other subjects that I haven't done before...without it taking 2 years.......
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    Possible to re-do individual courses to improve UAI?

    Yeah your school can't forbid you from doing that. Obviously, however, you can't be in 2 places at the same time, so you need to be extremely lucky to find 6hrs/week plus travel time free in your school's timetable that suits tafe's timetable...... You should investigate OTEN (distance...
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    Yeah, and there's no point doing it if any of my old marks are going to count. To be honest I don't know what my plan is. I should be 3/4 way through my degrees, yet I'm still 0 closer to getting into them, or anything. That's all I know.
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    Uni Questions

    $20k of tutoring? plus school fees, which were? for a uai of 85.... (not saying 85 is bad, its higher than what i got, but as a rank, its pretty mediocre) anyway, chances are if you're afraid of failing and have this attitude, then you will or at least make it more difficult for yourself imo...
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    HSC @ Tafe '09 :)

    Nope, was even worse this year. This year they didn't even offer 2 of my subjects that they did last year which happen to be the 2 I want to redo the most (apparently because they need to cut back on costs) + the one that they didn't originally offer, and another 2 clashed. The only other...
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    I am "DEAD!" ARGHH

    That's why you just apply, then decide after you have been offered (or not offered) places. Just because you receive an offer, doesn't mean you HAVE to go...... edit: typo
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    Late Round is tonight peoplez =O!

    You have not received an offer in the Late Round for study in 2009. QQ?
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    best timetable?

    mon 12:00-2:00 fri 12:00-2:00 4hrs/week = win?
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    Possible to re-do individual courses to improve UAI?

    Many subjects offered at tafe are combined Prelim and HSC, so it doesn't matter if you completed year 11 previously for that subject or not. You just do 6hrs/week instead of 4. edit: missed the previous post that stated this. lol oops
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    Am I too late?

    You don't deserve to go to university.