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    Employment in engineering after 3 year gap

    This is a very outdated view on career progression post university. It's not uncommon for people with 2-5 years experience post university to jump around roles or industries so this impression of uncertainty or lack of interest is quite unsubstantiated. Gone are the days where people spend 10+...
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    Another HSC mark moderation question

    Whole numbers only. There's no requirement to split internal ranks.
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    Adding weights to pen while writing, does it work?

    Your teacher is being ridiculous. What's more important is a good flow rate pen so that you don't need to push down so hard to get the ink out. Less pressure to get the ink out means less strain on your hand.
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    HSC Marks Required

    I made a comment here: FYI, I do see the student's raw marks report obtained from NESA (but note that the report itself obtained from past students will never be published due to privacy reasons).
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    School rank, HSC and ATAR

    You should understand what it means by a school rank. Have you ever seen NESA or UAC publish school ranks? No. Only the media publishes their version of a school rank, i.e. the ranking of the ratio of Band 6 scores achieved per school. This is an unofficial school rank that no NESA official has...
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    FINAL mark for MX1

    Extension units are reported as Bands in the E1 to E4 range, so scores are judged out of 50. They would then be doubled for when Extension 1 becomes a 2 unit course when doing Extension 2 as well. Your mark would also be dependent on the actual, unrounded mark. So you could still be in a...
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    How will NESA calculate our atar based on our internal marks

    No. The difference between each student most certainly matters. A situation where 1st, 2nd, 3rd are on say 95, 94, 93, would yield a considerably different result to say 95, 85, 84. It is a combination of factors that affect your final assessment mark. What's important is you gain as many marks...
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    HSC Maths

    I'm not sure what occurs now, but back then, you would still receive a physical statement and record of achievement for all courses completed, even in the case of doing 2U and 4U - you would just be receiving them in different years. But yes, for the purposes of your ATAR, it's as if you never...
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    HSC Maths

    I was in a similar position to your son - I had sat the 2U paper the year before, but then went on to do 4U. Once you sit the 4U paper, your 2U marks essentially disappear from your record. On the UAC ATAR advice notice I received (caveat, this was 10 yrs ago), it stated: "Shown below are the...
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    State Ranks

    Based on HSC mark only. As such, you can have more than 1 person per rank.
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    Updated Raw Marks Database (sortable excel file)

    Updated with some 2020 raw marks. HSC results services are available here:
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    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Aligned marks are reported to students as whole numbers, but they are calculated to up to 2 decimal places. You can talk with your school staff in regards to accessing more precise aligned marks as they will have access to it. (It would be less confusing to simply round it to the whole number...
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    Is it too much to ask for a job/career in arts, social science etc etc that pays good, has very good job growth and highly satisfying?

    The grass might be greener on the other side, but when you're in the thick of it, in a well paying job, you simply might not be happy. More money does not lead to better job performance, and poor performance leads to a trapped commitment profile which results in lower job satisfication. As for...
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    TurnItIn Check before submitting.

    Check your plagiarism? You shouldn't be plagiarising at all. If you haven't plagiarised anything, just submit it.
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    Aligned mark question

    Yes. 2019 was the first HSC examination for the new Physics Stage 6 syllabus. It's not unreasonable for there to be large shifts from the norm when there has been a substantial change. Similar case in Biology.
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    Aligned mark question

    I have tried to maintain accuracy of the database, and in this instance, it does seem hard to believe that a 59/100 could be aligned to 85, but there were reasons for accepting it and giving the student the benefit of the doubt. To be conservative, it might be best to ignore that mark and refer...
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    Total HSC Exam Marks

    As in the total exam marks available. The exam paper is out of 70 (and it used to be out of 84).
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    Total HSC Exam Marks

    Apart from HSC exams out of 100 and 50, and MX1 out of 70, are there any other subjects that are out of a different total?
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    Updated Raw Marks Database (sortable excel file)

    Updated with some 2019 raw marks. HSC results services are available here:
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    HSC Raw Marks Database has been updated with some 2019 raw marks.

    HSC Raw Marks Database has been updated with some 2019 raw marks.