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    Internal Transfer into USYD Combined Law

    Hey guys, I really need your help. Basically the situation is, I have just finished my first year of undergraduate study at USYD and I would really like to transfer into a Combined Law degree. I completed my HSC in 2010 and received an ATAR of 99.15 while also achieving an HD average (although...
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    Are there any universities in Sydney that offer a major in Esperanto?

    Or if not, any universities which offer it as a subject? Thanks
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    Ratio of Prescribed & Related texts in a Belonging Essay

    I'm not really certain as to how much time/space you should devote to discussing your related texts and prescribed text in a belonging essay (or any English essay which requires related texts). I've heard that you should write equal amounts on each one but then my teacher's been telling us...
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    Belonging Generic Essay

    I've been told that a good way to approach essays in exams would be to write a generic one and then adapt it to the question. I think this strategy works well for the modules, but I'm not really sure how to do this for 'Belonging'. Since there are so many ideas about 'Belonging' e.g...