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    Biki Redirection Problem

    Re: biki Yes I do
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    What is the first the first thing you do in the HSC?

    I only got two prescribed texts?
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    Back to School Shopping for HSC??

    5 in 1 books for each subject
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    Giving up Facebook for Year 12

    If your worried about not completing work and procrastinating on Facebook, ill suggest 'Cold Turkey' which can be downloaded and times can be set that disable your access to a website.
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    Holiday pre-study

    Read my belonging text thats it
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    AFL Grand Final 2012 - Sydney V Hawthorn

    hawks up by 25, with rioli and franklin getting a bag each
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    What subjects are you dropping ?

    SOR for sure, worst subject made, even worse it's compulsory at our school
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    Uni or Apprenticeship

    What about a TAS teacher, it's a mixture of a trade and teaching.
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    Last proper day

    I had my first one today, english paper 1
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    Roll Call: Class of 2013

    My sig less PDHPE
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    The game u r excited for the most

    Medal of Honor Warfighter
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    If you could turn back the clock...

    Swap pe for chem
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    weeks 9/10 Can they buy papers in for the exams?
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    Yearlies are approaching, preliminary-ers!

    We didn't have half yearly exams just assignements. I have notes for business and modern need to do notes for geography and pe. Hopefullly i can get time to go threw past papers
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    What is your financial status?

    Age: 16 Money in the bank: ~2.5k Assets: phone, computer Study: Prelim HSC Jobs: Franklins
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    So... like... HSC course begins in 3 months!

    cant wait for it all to be over
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    Computer Programs for Study

    Microsoft OneNote