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    Which UWS campus is best?

    Go Parra baby :)
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    Selling first year commerce and law textbooks

    Hey guys, Im selling textbooks for the following subjects, all in great condition... - Accounting Informayion for Managers (AIM) - Criminal law - Law Foundations Inbox me for details if your interested :) I also have notes for the law subjects..
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    Law textbooks ?

    Im selling criminal law and law foundations textbooks... inbox me for details :)
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    UWS Law

    Law at UWS is awesome :) ...the social life at UWS is awesome'r :P
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    Whats so good about being in a relationship?

    everything. :) who am i kidding, i got fked over hard...words are cheap ... relationships are stupid :)
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    Your 10?

    -.- lool 'baby' i didnt sai i wantd a relationship :P ...too painful lol thats the list for wen i do want one O:)
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    Your 10?

    1. decent looking (doesnt have to be full hot, but like good looking is enuf, cute), taller than me, good body wud be good :P i love wen a guy hugs yu and yu can like feel his biceps tense ;) 2. great personality - trusting, not jealous, honest, intelligent, have goals in life (career-wise...
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    and maybe... jst maybe he killed her :|
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    ^haha twenty bucks :)
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    Law students (only) :D

    looll okay then -.- ps. i jst uploaded a pic in the pics thread... tell me if iv seen yu at uni or not?! lol
  11. G to get over a relationship?

  12. G to get over a relationship?

    LOOL thanx for the expert advice guys...
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    ^ hard... ?
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    Law students (only) :D

    yes thats right :) ..foundations, foundations, is there a point to this 'subject' ?
  15. G to get over a relationship?

    lool kay. mm thats what i did with him, lol usually i dont go for someone whos quiet ... fail :)
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    Dr_Fresh's Lonely Hearts Thread

    Im actually rly happy riding solo :)
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    Dr_Fresh's Lonely Hearts Thread

    L mfaoooooo
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    The friendzone.

    haha woops i forgot you had a BOS account... :| ...but ...but i thought we could have friends? ;)
  19. G to get over a relationship?

    lolll hard.... i dont think the stages are too distinct from eachother ! lol yea to stick to my punching bag ;) :P jks