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    Most boring physics topic for year 11

    I'm finding Coasmic Engine the most boring topic.
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    Examination Mark/Assessment Mark?

    My school also gives ranks and marks. Marks are out of 100 for each subject, but for subjects such as maths adv & ext they made them out of 150. For us, they also tell us a band (like in the HSC), which in some subjects are 9)+ marks. No idea why they do this though. Perhaps an...
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    Best Subject in Half Yearly Report Year 11

    Physics was my best rank, 6th out of 120 or so people. Out of the grade, English would probably be my best overall rank. 29th out of approximately 200 people.
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    Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides for Preliminary HSC?

    Our school uses it and I find it quite good. I know from friends that some teachers from other schools photocopy info from it.
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    Year 11 English Area of Study and texts

    It's an awesome book. I read it a while ago and it took a bit of time for me to actually start enjoying it, but its full of great stuff ~ Apparently, you can use it for a lot of Area of studies, including belonging.
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    Year 11 English Area of Study and texts

    No, Different schools choose different AOS for year 11. I go to SBHS too, but I know other schools are doing a completely different AOS.
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    ranking and UAI marks

    ^ I'm pretty sure its the UAC that does the aligning and scaling process.
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    Motivational speakers

    ^@speedofsound; we're doing discovery as well for our AOS. We had quite a few at my old school. From government workers to policticians/councillors to writers. My most memorable one was from a guy with no legs (His car's numberplate was nolegs). His story quite amazed me and for the next...
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    Problem with (future) chem teacher

    Will year 12 alternate? i.e. you don't get that bad teacher for year 12 ? ~ Cause that's the year that counts. Anyways, even if he's a bad teacher, you can self-teach/revise work yourself.
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    maths trouble.

    So the tutoring the school provides isn't for free?
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    are we behind?

    For Chem, we've done quite a bit, We're pretty much covered everything up to 4th topic in the dot point book. For maths, because we're doing accelarated 2 unit, we've just done series and sequences, a bit of work which wasn't covered in year 9 and 10 (like solving for 3 unknowns, absolute...
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    Is 2 Unit same as 3 Unit Maths?

    Definitely doesn't happen at my school. 3 unit is scaled higher then 2 unit maths.
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    MX2 difficulty...

    I heard the same thing being said by some year 12's at my school today after they were talking to a teacher about 4 unit maths .
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    Who doing both extensions?

    It's quite common at selective schools I hear. At my school, there'd be at least 120 out of around 200 doing both extensions.
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    Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides for Preliminary HSC?

    I find it as a good book for reference and the steps very easy to understand and follow. For me, it's a good book to do some questions when practising a difficult concept. Once I get a good idea, I usually do more questions out of fitz/cambridge. I wouldn't consider it my main textbook; just...
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    Accelerated Maths?

    This sounds like what our school is doing too, but I think in year 12, we're going to have a lot of morning lessons.
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    What are the BEST textbooks to buy?

    There's already a thread on this:
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    Morning classes

    I've got only one morning class, but the good thing is that I can leave early that day.
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    Starting 3 Unit Maths this Year? Like to find some friends to study with? Post Up

    Well, that probably cause he goes to Ruse. But I think I've seen some locus problems in extension 1 half yearlies in some schools. Anyways, we've started doing series and sequences.
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    Strike on the first two days of school (2009)

    Well, if there's still nothing about it on the news you could always phone the school on the Tuesday (staff development day) and confirm when school starts.