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    PS5 and Xbox Series X are both worth for racing games?

    Dear games in Games Discussion board I would like to hear your opinions on these 2 consoles that launched since November 2020, are they both worth for racing games? P.S the reason I'm posting this in games discussion instead of system wars, to avoid the fanboy wars between PlayStation and Xbox.
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    Biking for exercise

    Hey guys! I have been power walking and doing some water aerobics for a while, as my main daily exercise. I am wondering if anyone does only cycling, whether at home or outdoors, as your only exercise? I bought a bike and want to use it for maybe 45-60 minutes, 5-6 days a week. However, I am...
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    Ever See a Movie on LSD?

    If so, which movies? Could you describe it (not the movie)? (I never have.... don't think I could watch any TV under the influence)
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    How To Run?, Excerise

    Is running any good? Saw alot of people in my area are running in the morning, they say its very refreshing. But its not for me, as I will sweat alot when I run, and that is not refreshing. I've done alot of sports such as basketball,football,badminton etc. But somehow when it comes to...
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    Started hiking, looking at recommendations

    So i've got bored of vegetating and started going out on long walks with my youngest daughter and whilst i'm enjoying the time with her, the walks aren't really challenging enough so i'm looking at weekends in the peak district doing some of the hill walks around there. Which brings me onto...
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    Has anyone got experience of Oxygen Absorbers in Vaccuum Packs?

    Hi, I have an issues with a 9kg vacuum block product, over time a small % of bags 'blow' i believe this to be oxygen retention and releasing over time. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm looking at adding in oxygen absorbers to the 9kg vacuum pack but how do i know which one to use?