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    Should I confront my teacher about this?

    i generally always asked where i lost marks in assignments. there's no harm in asking and i'm sure that there is a logical reason for you losing those 2 marks :)
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    how much did you study before the hsc??....

    i was at the library til closing time every day from the first day of holidays. spent my time going over past papers, talking about questions, memorising the PD syllabus, screwing around, playing soccer in the park, not being very efficient. but if you're there 12 hours a day you end up getting...
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    What does it feel like to finish the HSC?

    exactly how i felt after that paper 2. other exams were a breeze. finishing the HSC for me was a combination of sadness at not having school anymore and seeing those people who weren't my close friends and would probably not see any more. the holiday was awesome for me personally, wasn't bored...
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    Physics and Chemistry Help needed

    because taking 5 minutes away from your year to make a thread looking for constructive tips isn't a valid use of time...
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    Repeat Year 12 ??? Class of 2013 and 2014???

    why is he even worrying about this now? the hsc is months away and he doesn't know his final marks... less time spent stressing about repeating and more time studying is my suggestion. repeating should only be done in very select circumstances as said above
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    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    i got 87... which is a quite decent mark if you're not looking to get a 99 which i wasn't
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    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    i didn't rote learn anything for physics - you don't have to rote learn stuff if you don't want to
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    Words in Half Hour

    i think about 600 - i had like 800 or so in my english essays
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    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    i regret not doing german in years 9-10 :( - no overseas holiday for me - i dropped ext 1 english after the first lesson to do sport & rec - best decision of my schooling life i dropped modern history after 6 weeks to do physics - 2nd best decision of my schooling life :D
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    Ideas to Implementaion Q (Physics)

    it would help if you stated what sort of measurement you were looking for in increasing or decreasing... but i assume you are referring to silicon's semi-conducting properties. silicon retains these properties at higher temperatures as opposed to germanium which becomes a better conductor. p.s...
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    subject selection for year 11 2014

    ^ 15 units is so much, year 11 is your last real freedom year you don't want to be cluttered with so many units and exams. as to which subjects to pick to get a good atar, pick what you're good at - not what you think scales well. don't pick up mx2 just because it scales well if you're not cut...
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    HSC atar Bonus points/Marks

    I think that would be great - if it lowered the 99.7 you need to get at the 'prestigious' universities to even qualify for law...
  13. J

    HSC atar Bonus points/Marks

    difficulty and demand aren't mutually exclusive. it would be stupid to say for example that teaching which has a lower cut off than medicine is more difficult. the statement was 'probably too hard' not 'too hard' anyway
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    HSC atar Bonus points/Marks

    ^ unless you didn't try in year 12. but i thought that 10 was the standard limit to answer your question
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    Overweighted Exams?

    yes it's fair because everyone sits the same exams/assessments. it's not the most balanced thing in the world in terms of syllabus coverage:weighting but that's not always a problem. i think i had something similar in english last year where my separate exams for modules were worth like 15%...
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    Failed my english trials!!!! :( any hope?

    1. dont stress until you get your results back 2. trials are less than 50% of your overall mark - it's not like you wrote 1 page in the actual hsc exam 3. even if you do get a terrible english mark in the long run your other marks can pull you up easily above a 75 as long as you do well in them
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    "Because you're in Yr 12 and you have your HSC"

    nope my parents let me do what i wanted and trusted i was doing the right thing... until i was spending 12 hours a day at the library and they said i should spend more time at home. they cant expect you to study 24/7 and as long as you can do your work as required there's no reason to not be...
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    Times for end of year HSC Exam

    3 hours is plenty of time :O
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    General discussion of PDHPE

    unlucky :/ at least your other exams are more spread out haha and you get more time to focus on them :)
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    Conflicted with my subjects

    definitely drop your worst 2U subject. you can't need all those subjects for the course you want to do, unless some are for a back-up course.