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    General Chatter

    Re: wow, possibly the easiest thing ive done i agree.. this guy is a prick. is it unanimous?
  2. K

    That exam was perfect in every way.

    piss off you asheroth you dero - i wasnt talking to you buddy
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    What Did You Think?

    yes i agree that guy is a prick - go read a metropolititan newspaper mate
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    That exam was perfect in every way.

    im pretty sure the personality question was both background and rise to to prom man
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    whinge :'( HELP!

    i spent most of my time on maths and fucked it up to.. dont worry.. real life begins when these shite exams finish
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    one gene one polypeptide

    hey can someone please explain to me the idea behind this one gene one polypeptide and one gene one chromosome notions cheerio
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    many people argue against the question?

    for sec III did anyone argue against the idea that they gave us? i did imaginative journeys and argued that speculation was not the most important process - but my essay was pretty shit.. ?
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    experiment method

    ey, in the exam, how do you answer a question that asks: 'in your studies, you designed an experiment to test......' do you do it like, we did this and then we did that or do you right a method down like 1. fill a beaker with urine 2. .... or what?? cheeeeeeeeers peace