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    another vote for f3j series good value for money... and it plays games pretty well.. and it was pretty cheap too =D got my f3jp for 1600... its sufficient for light gaming (it handles bf2 pretty well), watching moves and it runs vista smoothly
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    Exchange to Asia and US

    because CUHK is partner with macquarie and i get $1000 travel scholarship and i think tsinghua/beijing is taught in chinese only...
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    Exchange to Asia and US

    im goin to CUHK (chinese university of hong kong) at the end of this semester ive been on the campus for a tour last yr... and its lovely! im so excited :p
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    Car Parking - contains ranting

    fark... i jus bought a new car.... where abouts is the safest place to park? i was thinking near that walkway where ppl walk by after they get off their bus... cause theres lotsa ppl in that area...
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    Mentor Leader

    lol i was the guy who came in 2 hours late =P
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    Accounting Skills Q

    wow u got ur goals set already in yr10 i set mine in yr12... before that i didnt even know what i wanted to do.. i was a gaming addict so i wanted to study i.t or somethign like that lol
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    lol yeh i had my interview last week.. wasn't exactly an interview it was more of a 'this is what you will be doing' thing and giving feedback from mentoring earlier this year
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    anyone here a mentor leader? damn theres guna be this 1hr/wk thing in the old eric room -_-
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    Tute in da house

    Re: Tute in da house - ahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha hahaha funny stuff see people, accountants aren't boring afterall!
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    vac work

    nah pay's not all i care about.. just wanted to know out of curiosity hehe... also as a comparison to what i get since im a part timer damn i wonder what that ubs figure would look like in an hourly rate haha
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    vac work

    anyone doing vac work over these holidays? big4/ib etc... ? how much u getting paid?
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    Accounting vs Investment Banking

    big boys like him with contacts with brokers and who manage a large portfolio of one family, probably doesn't need a car helicopter sounds about right
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    career path of an actuary?

    chief actuary makes a $hitload
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    Accounting Cadetships

    what are you, an idiot? define "investment banking role" i can name 4 family friends of mine who did cadetships / co-op in accounting and have ended up working at investment banks
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    good article on international professional qualifications

    well if u want to climb the ladder, i guess getting more qualifications is an option... (though it doesnt always work... more abt who u know a lot of the time hehe)
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    Cheap haircuts around uni, yo

    eastwood's alrite, a lot of choices there (if u want to get ur hair cut by an asian =P)
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    Commerce in the major universities

    who cares what the cutoff is. just do your best, no use trying to predict if you're guna get in or not. you'll see come results time.
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    econ201 Essay

    stuff those theory / modelling stuff just cut to the chase and do what the question asks... thats what im doing anyways...
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    Deloittes Development Program

    i wouldn't say they'd give you any preference over other candidates but yeh, they give u lots of tips, but anyone can get tips from the net these days anyway :p i guess u can tell them in an interview that you have somewhat of an insight into their firm and what they do after completing the...
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    Deloittes Development Program

    i did it last year... it's ok... not that great... i guess it sorta lets you know more about the company and the nature of big4 lotsa group activities, we had one where we had to brainstorm all the little things about an industry and then we did a 5 minute presentation to the class i think...