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  1. JayWalker

    What questions did you get wrong?

    I just had a look at it. I got 93 when I did mine back in 2004, but use maths every day in uni. Didn't look that bad. Question 10 was more understanding what they were asking but I showed my sister how to do it. Took 3-5 minutes
  2. JayWalker

    2005 UTS Offers

    Accepting into B.Engineering & B.Business - Full or Part Time @ City. WTF is a major / minor?!?!
  3. JayWalker

    Top 200 Schools 2004

    TOP OF THE TOPS 1. James Ruse Agricultural High School 2. North Sydney Girls High School 3. Baulkham Hills High School 4. Sydney Girls High School 5. Sydney Grammar School 6. North Sydney Boys High School 7. Sydney Boys High School 8. Pymble Ladies' College 9. Moriah College 10. Barker...
  4. JayWalker

    Top 200 Schools 2004

    where do you find this?
  5. JayWalker

    How to start fights at schoolies.

    lol yeah.. strange though IN JAIL: You get time off for good behaviour AT WORK: You get more work for good behaviour.. hehe.. strange :( Which would you prefer? lol Anyone else going to Gold Coast 20-27th?
  6. JayWalker

    How to start fights at schoolies.

    Haha, Not-to-bright is just that, not-too-bright.. He'll be chucked in jail and meet me :D knowing my luck, ill be behind the bars at least twice in the first day - thank god for a credit card for bail!!!
  7. JayWalker

    Orgies at schoolies

    Hmm :D Sound slike fun!
  8. JayWalker

    "Show us your tits" - Army Chopper :p

    LOL I think it was innappropriate, but how did that lead to a woman breaking her leg?!?
  9. JayWalker

    Michael Jordan

    I did all of what you just said lol. But i also commented that it was information presented by media which is not necessarily always correct. Refer to post in Physics Forum: Syllabus Point Often Overlooked
  10. JayWalker

    Goodluck and Goodbye

    GOOD LUCK in tomorrows exam I feel as if this will be my last post, I have only been active for little under a month, but few of you have earned my respect, and others, well we'lll leave it at that. Hopefully I will return to this site and contribute more to the community. Remember me, as...
  11. JayWalker

    Difference between photocells and solar cells??

    solar cells turn light into electrical energy via the photoelectric effect and semi conductors. Photo cells are: Well: I dont know :)
  12. JayWalker

    Bored: Ironic useless fact.

    No way.. he failed high school because of his inability to convey his ideas... I know, he was in my class :D
  13. JayWalker


    Really dont feel like doing an exam tomorrow, Had IPT today that was all good, but physics would perhaps be the only exam that im not ready for, I hope to god i get a good nights sleep.
  14. JayWalker


    EGGY! you dont understand politics111
  15. JayWalker

    Bush or Kerry

    EGGY!! your so TALL!!!!! Hows the weather up ther?
  16. JayWalker

    how did you go?

    Lol EZ test
  17. JayWalker

    Read This Thread

    *sings "I am so smart, I am so smart"* Im outta here All, going to school.. GOOD LUCK, remember, if you get stuck, START SINGING A) Smack my bitch up by prodigy B) Theme from COPS TV Show *wanders off singing "Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do.. wha.. ..... do..."* BYE *WAVES*
  18. JayWalker

    Read This Thread

    Hahaha, oh well - you dont want me to try.. for example, can you identify the difference between a Web Server and a Mail Server. Hahaha
  19. JayWalker

    encoding and decoding

    Happy to help: Analog to Digital: A method of this is PCM. Takes sample measurements 8000 er second of analog data. Each measurement records the volage or the amplitude of the analog signal. The height of curve is divided into 128 different levels, each represented by a 7 bit binary number...