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    General exam thoughts?

    im just so glad its over :) my last exam! hell yeah! and my formal is tomorrow :D
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    Visual Art Students! Who did you pick 4 your essay artists?

    shit shit shit shit god i hope my artists fit one of the questions :/
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    Angus & Robertson - Top 100 as voted by Australia

    that was about brave new world ^^
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    Angus & Robertson - Top 100 as voted by Australia

    same!!!! stupid english.
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    thanks. my teacher gave me that excel study one.. <looks at it now> ahaha... anyway.. good luck guys! hope its a good exam!
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    How did you go?

    i totally agree i was so fuc**d for improving performance. smashed sports med thou ;D
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    ive had textiles tue pdhpe today and tonight im just like "meh" im just going to look at a few artists. how do you guys study for section one?
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    How did you go?

    thats what i totally screwed up. couldnt remeber anything for it :/ grr
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    Does it matter?

    i smashed sports med. hopefully it mades up for appalling improving performance mark :/
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    i hope there is a post modernism one :) but i havnt started studying yet.. i had textiles today and pe tomorrow.. it will be a morning studying session for me!
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    What did you think of the exam?

    i did block printing, couldnt think of anything else that i would be able to answer the three parts, i would have done screen prining but didnt know the method :/
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    Multiple Choice?

    i put the shirt cotton and the suit poly cotton. waffled my way throught it :/ i hate properties and performance.
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    What did you think of the exam?

    i thought it was ok.. hoping for maybe 45/50 section 2 let me down i think i will have lost my marks there.. who did question 14 and who did question 15? i did 14 and on the japanese kimino.
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    Multiple Choice?

    1. a 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. a 6. c 7. b 8. d 9. d 10. a thats what i put.. i think some are wrong now that i look at the questions again.. what did you guys get?
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    HSC Exam- URGENT Question!

    i agree with lollipop. its not like in english and the common related material ususally get lower marks cause it doesnt stand out. in textiles just answer the question critera and you can get your full marks.
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    HSC Exam- URGENT Question!

    i had a cross section in my trial MC
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    trial questions

    i was wondering if people could post there trial questions on here. ive done past papers and re-done my trial.. even just a few of your questions.. eg. my trial Question 11 b) outline to impact on the environment of obtaining and processing raw materials and manufacturing and packaging for...
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    Who's ready for this?

    medicare changes?? :/ anyway.. wasnt the exam written in like the end of 2007. nothing too recent would be in it..
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    best way to memorise....

    how do you get your computer to read it to you? i thought could only get it to read a sentence or so..
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    The Jakarta Declaration

    Icrease Sexual Pleasure Insert Cock but then i only rememeber the acronym.. not what they stand for :/