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    Look, heres the problem. My english prelim exam is tomorrow and i have to pick a related text to my prescribed text (v for vendetta and animal farm) to prepare for an essay (3hrs). I picked "brave new world" for animal farm and "to kill a mocking bird" for v for vendetta. I have no clue what my...
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    I need depressing movies to watch!!

    are there any love movies that are sad to the point you want cry, any movies that have to deal with family e.g stuck in love, any movies like a one night stand but they end up liking each other like movies "before we go", that awkward moment and 2 night stand. If you can think of any could you...
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    before we go

    are there any movies like 'before we go', that awkward moment, 2 night stand etc. If you could list them, it would very much be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    I need depressing movies to watch!!

    Do you guys know any movies similar the the vow, the note book etc? thanks
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    I need depressing movies to watch!!

    Are there any sad movies that will make me cry? If so please list them!!! Thanks heaps.
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    Interstellar, best movie?

    Any more movies like Interstellar?
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    Interstellar, best movie?

    Have you seen The Martian? Do you think they're linked?
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    Tip on how to write a good thesis for an essay?

    Can anyone help / give me tips on how to write a really good thesis statement for an essay? Thanks in advance :)
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    Interstellar, best movie?

    Oh my lord, INTER-FUCKING-STELLAR. Excuse my profanity, but there is no other way i can express my love for this movie. I just finished watching it like 4 minutes ago and it is by far my favorite movie of ALL time. Can anyone else agree with me? Christopher Nolan, brother, if you're reading...
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    When to go to the gym

    No, i'm not. I'm average, i weigh about 75kg and i'm 180cm
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    When to go to the gym

    Okay, so i'm in the 10th grade and i just turned 15 a couple months ago which makes me the youngest in my grade. Where ever i look everyone is bigger than me because they go to the gym or they're just big boned. I wanted to go to the gym a long time ago but i've recently done some research about...
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    Wanting to do advance english.

    I am in year 10 and i'm failing standard english. The ONLY reason why i am failing is because my school mostly only does presentations which involves talking to the class. I get really nervous and get red hot when it is my turn to present. I do really well in essay writing etc, the only problem...
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    Wanting to do 2U or 3U maths.

    I am currently in year 10, and failing standard mathematics. I was hoping to be able to pick 2U or 3U maths for next year but it didn't let me pick it. The reason why i am failing is because when ever i'm studying, i'll forget it almost instantly, this is a really critical thing and it is...
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    tips for legal ?

    I'm in year 10 and picked legal studies, however i did not do well in commerce in years 9-10. Would this affect my marks in legal study ? what can i do to succeed in this subject? thanks