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    B Science (Advanced)

    Someone told me that if you're enrolled in normal B.Sc and complete all the requirements of B.Sc (Adv), you can have the option of graduating with the advanced degree. Is this true? I've tried looking for more info on the Usyd site, but can't find anything about it.
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    Economics Major: What MATH/STAT units can you substitute for ECMT1010 and 1020?

    Hi, I want to do an economics major however I am prohibited to do ECMT1010 and 1020 because I have already done MATH1015. I contacted the coordinator and he replied saying he was not sure what MATH units I can use to substitute for ECMT, and he will get back to me. It's been two weeks and I sent...
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    PHYS1002/PHYS 1004 or BIOL1001/BIOL1002

    I'm still unsure what to do. I'm planning to do a Physiology or Pharmacology major, and I heard there's some physics involved in the intermediate and senior units. My current units are MATH (1015/1011), CHEM (1011/1012), BIOL (1003,1001,1002) and MBLG1001. Should I sub BIOL1001 and 1002 for...
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    Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Science Tutoring - Hills Shire Area.

    Offering Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Science tutoring for kids (Yr 7-12) in the Hills Shire region. Offering drama essay writing marking, English creative writing marking, Business Reports and Essays marking too. Will hold tuition at Castle Hill Library. $29 per session (1-1.5 hours)...
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    Political Economics or Government and International Studies?

    Hi fellow arts students, I just want some insight into the political economics and Government and International Studies. I'm very interested in both, and I'm also wondering what are the job prospects and future career paths I could follow with these majors. I know some of the common...
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    Med at UWS.

    Hi everyone, Just wondering whether the amount of unbonded and regular places for MBBS at UWS have a quota. For example, a certain amount for high school leavers, and a separate quota for tertiary and graduate applicants. Or is it just first past the post with and UMAT + MMI scores?
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    CHEM1011 or CHEM1101?

    Should I do Fundamentals of Chemistry or Chemistry 1A? I got 80 in HSC Chemistry, but I just wanna do something that is an easy stress free chem unit. I spoke to the advisor and she said Fundamentals is fine for my intended intermediate units, (ANAT, PHSI, PCOL). However I do wish to sit GAMSAT...
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    Changing, adding, and removing units?

    How and when do you get to change or add units before semester 1 @ Usyd? Is it usually done online or in person?
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    Arts Music @ USYD : Good or Bad?

    Hi, I'm thinking of doing an arts major in music at Usyd next year, and I'm hoping to get some insight into this course. I didn't do any music for HSC, but I have some knowledge of music theory. So as the title asks, is Arts music an interesting major to pursue?
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    Physiology: Good or Bad?

    Hi, I'm planning to do a BSc/BA next year at Usyd with a major in Physiology. I would like some general insight into the pro's and con's of the course, and what junior units are recommended when undertaking this major. I'm planning to do graduate medicine or pharmacy, so I guess either...
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    ATAR Estimate Plz :D

    Hi, I just want some sought of estimate from this info. English Adv: 14/21... 78% Raw Maths 2U: 28/40... 66% Raw Biology 1/36... 90% Raw Chemistry 3/25 88% Raw Business Studies 1/25 87% Raw Drama: 3/11 72% Raw School Rank: 200-220 Thank you :D
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    69-74 Raw mark?

    Any idea which band i'll get for a raw mark of 69-74????????
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    Theatre and Performance Studies

    Well I'm actually kinda interested in studying Theatre and Performance at UNSW as a major in BA. Is it a worthwhile major? Fun? Interesting? Challenging? Just looking for any insights or opinions of the course. Your replies will be greatly appreciated.
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    Performance Studies

    Hi I'm In Year 12, and I'm thinking of doing a performance studies major at Usyd. I just want some personal insights and opinions about the course itself. Is it like HSC Drama? Practical or theory based? Your replies would be appreciated