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  1. Juliaan

    Degree help.

    This year, i'll be completing a B Creative Arts (Graphic Design) and was thinking about also doing another course, preferably a double degree. I'm wondering how long I would need to stick to the CA degree until i can tie in the other one.
  2. Juliaan

    B Creative Arts ~

    'allow! well, im looking to do commercial graphic design in the future, moreso, i wanna do visual communications in UTS.. but yeah, 95 ATAR isn't working out for me. which course do you think would be best for those preferences: B Creative Arts (Graphic Design) or B Creative Arts (Visual Arts...
  3. Juliaan

    hi breaking :D

    hi breaking :D
  4. Juliaan

    attention art 09er's

    I went the the exhibition today for an excursion, some of the artexpress works in the NSW gallery were amazing. Some were, debatable... Did anyone see the one with the robots, that used charcoal to produce artworks ~
  5. Juliaan

    visual art definitions?

    There all in the 11-12 Visual Art text book, Artwise?, in the boxes before they explain the artists practice and that ~ (under the artists name usually). I remember doing the same sorta thing. Or dude, just google that, lols.
  6. Juliaan

    Feminism ~

    Can anyone help look over my essay i just wrote, or knows somebody that can? As i was hoping, someone that has finished the HSC and knows the standards. Just to assure that it seems correct and worth full marks, suppose haha. Hope someone can help me out, & ty alot. p.s Its due this...
  7. Juliaan

    Can you get a 0 uai?

    lol ~ i hope they were good drawings at least.
  8. Juliaan

    Uai 98+

    lyounamu just trod on you ~ though just check the scaling thing, VA is quite low and you gotta realise you have to go good or it will 'scale' you down. Its low scaling cause alot of dumb shits do it for a bludge ~ i believe so anyways.
  9. Juliaan

    A question of mortality

    Hypothetical (1), Youre stuck in a house burning on fire, you would feel the pain and have the scars of the 3rd degree burns and then have to live through it.
  10. Juliaan

    Band 6 Business/Design Students?

    Any HSC'ers that got Band 6 in either Design or Business? Thanks,
  11. Juliaan

    Log integration ~

    Thanks heaps guys ~
  12. Juliaan

    Log integration ~

    Evaluate: /4 | | [( x^2 - 1) / x] dx | /2 Please and ty.
  13. Juliaan

    Further Trig..

    I don't personally do ext 1, though my mate does, and thanks alot guys ~ (doesn't have a BoS, though i'll mention you's haha)
  14. Juliaan

    Further Trig..

    cos 4x * cos x + sin 4x * sin x = 1/2 Find x.. please and ty.
  15. Juliaan


    Check out for Petrol Stations, Truckies hit up no-doz alot.
  16. Juliaan


    *snort* for enhanced effects, i hear ~ Though lemons or oranges sound fine,
  17. Juliaan

    This stumped my teacher...

    Not 100%, Though, .. (i tried to explain what i thought you were saying, though i realised i'd look like an idiot luls~)
  18. Juliaan

    Questions from 2007 and 2008 Paper

    When i was in year 10, i didn't even know what the HSC was ~