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    Assessment ranks are in!

    I have questions: to log into your student online thingo ur student number is 8 digits right? and your pin HAS to be 4 digits? I cant even access mine :|
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    Section I Part B

    This is what i thought but never wrote :3
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    getting pumped for physics

    But u need some knowledge to use ur cognitive ability for hence all nighter > cognitive ability unless u know ur shit 100%
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Re: Really awful movies to watch Two words: The Room. The two words arent part of the movie name in case u didnt get that
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    Multiple Choice

    Same here man i shodve gotten more then 2 hours sleep :3
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    please scan MC paper :)

    Its upside down haha good job tho
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    Anybody have the exam paper?
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    Am I right?

    Was modelling the equilibrium thing part of industrial chemistry or something? Edit: And yup you talk about natural buffers and how that keeps pH constant and stuff allowing you to live
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    What was question a for shipwrecks i think i read the question wrong :3 and did what did everybody get for question d that was a weird question pretty easy exam on the whole i think i made a couple of mistakes in calculation but 80+ probably
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    physics/Chem final prep

    For chemistry what are the conversions we need to know and how do we do them? Like converting things to ppm or ppb
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    physics/Chem final prep

    actually from what ive heard they like to test the sections where chemistry students from last year failed miserably cos they are bitches like that
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    physics/Chem final prep

    Cmon guys 8 hours is more then enuff time to revise and just to make sure when do we HAVE to use pencil? Scientific diagrams, tables what else? What about for drawing co-ordinate covalent bonding and stuff?
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    Chemistry predictions

    so basically if we get mostly application questions in chem then we are set for physics
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    Chemistry predictions

    my teacher said they follow a theme for the science exams so maybe the biology people could give a hint
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Where is the paper for economics??
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    Chemistry: Anions/Cations Test

    Im glad u asked :D a cation is a flat cat _ meaning its negative - and the anion is the opposite
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    Sydney Technical vs Hurlstone Agricultural

    how did ur friend not get into hurlstone a retarded chick from my school made it there and my schools rank is like in the 200s
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    physics/Chem final prep

    That makes a lot of sense now thanks
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    physics/Chem final prep

    But isnt time always the indepedent variable? So if u drew a graph of the different metal and the amount of rust you would do the amount of rust on the y-axis and time for the metal to corrode on the x-axis wodnt u thats what confuses me :S
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    physics/Chem final prep

    I have a chemistry question, for the syllabus dotpoint that says: Identify data, select equipment, plan and perform a first-hand investigation to compare the rate of corrosion of iron ad an identified form of steel. Would the independent variable be the time for the rust to occur or the the use...