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    Hi, That's great your interested in vet, its an awesome course/career! Other ideas could be...

    Hi, That's great your interested in vet, its an awesome course/career! Other ideas could be volunteering at animal shelters (animal welfare league is a good one and is really enjoyable!) and volunteering at animal agricultural events (I was able to volunteer at the easter show in the animal...
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    medico entry

    JCU may not be a large city university but it is one of the best smaller and more regional universities in Australia. As for quiet and no social life, you've obviously never been there as it's the opposite. It's also one of the few universities in Australia to offer med, vet, pharmacy, physio...
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    Veterinary Science

    From what I know/have heard this seems to be a relatively new way of assessing school leaver applications. However I doubt that they would get you to do it if it wasn't important, after all they want smart and talented people with a clear interest in vet science (shown by experience) to apply.
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    law @jcu

    Hi terese223, I can offer you a bit of advice about JCU but not much on law (sorry!), for information on the degree the best thing I can say is that you should contact the faculty of law and ask them. I'm from sydney and I'm in my 3rd year of vet science at JCU, and although it was a big move...
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    Veterinary Science

    The UAI for vet science depends on the university. Sydney is 98.5+, University of QLD I believe is around the same, and murdoch (Perth) , melbourne and adelaide all now require high UAI scores as well as the completion of a pre-vet year (normally 1st yr bachelor of science) at which point they...
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    vet sci at jcu

    Hi rahh, I'm a current jcu vet student going into 3rd yr. It's pretty awesome!! I had reservations at first about going all the way to townsville, and it being a smaller uni etc but It has been an amazing experience! Just a bit of history, the jcu undergraduate vet course began in 2006 so this...
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    alternative entries to vet science

    Just thought i'd add that JCU accepts both year 12 leaves and mature age students, and not just year 12 leaves as greMlin72 suggested.
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    Anyone thinking of doing vet science?

    duck.fluff, my understanding is that if you are in yr12 now and doing the HSC then entry into vet @ USYD is just based on UAI and a vet commitment form is only for students already studying @ uni or not yr 12 entrants. Have a look @ the website -...
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    Dogs and unborn pups operated on, then killed - Melbourne University.

    Just thought I would point out an interesting concept. These live animals used by university's are not people's old pets, they are specifically bred, house and kept for the purpose of veterinary training. Veterinary schools are unable to use live animals from places like the pound/rspca as...
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    Anyone thinking of doing vet science?

    hey lizzie, how easy is it to do that? I thought it was super super hard? and that each year there are only like 4 places to do this for all the applicants?
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    Vet Interviews

    congrads on the uq offer! I'm going into my 2nd year at JCU and it's amazing! I'm from sydney too so i have to admit moving up to queensland was a bit scary, but it turned out to be the best thing ever. I live @ a college too so its heaps of fun. I think the best thing about JCU is that...
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    Vet Interviews

    there aren't interviews lol so breath people! just the application and then you'll find out. hope all went well!
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    Anyone thinking of doing vet science?

    hey all, i'll just throw this out there - i'd suggest doing some good research into the facilities, classes and things that you would be paying for if you pick DFEE. In the grand scheme of things it is quite expensive, and i'm assuming you would be really wanting to vet if you would pay that...
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    alternative entries to vet science

    chemrocks, the dropout rate is easily explained - vet science is HARD! I'm at 1st yr at JCU in townsville and we've already had about 5 students drop out (now we have a class of 68). The first part of first yr is basically just 3 science subjects and then a vet subject (well for me anyway) and...
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    veterinary science

    I'm 99% sure that they don't offer undergrad vet science, so there would be no uai cutoff. The only places in australia that offer vet are: - murdoch (wa) - james cook (qld - that's where im doing vet, its really good!) - university of qld (qld) - usyd (nsw) - charles sturt (nsw) -...
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    a question for all previous undertakers of EXT2...

    Once I had handed mine in, like bottomsup, I didn't really think about it much - afterall you have so much tudy to do for trials etc you don't get much time to think about it. However after that, I did start to stress quite a bit (and I even noticed a sentence in my major work that I thought I...
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    Vet Science & Transfer Courses

    From what I hear James Cook is a little like CSU (both have focus on rural and large animals - however this is only prominant as they are both in rural areas hence have better access to cattle etc, where as the uni's in the city have better access to dogs etc. But in the end we all have to do...
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    Mentor available for Extension 2 (Mentoring thread)

    Hey past and present ext2er's , just thought I'd throw this out there as I am rather bored at the moment. I'm a past ext2er, I did a short story last yr and recieved rather good marks for it hence I am offereing to mentor/edit some stories or essays if anyone needs it. I specialise in 18th...
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    Vet Science & Transfer Courses

    Hey! If you are desperate to do vet, as crazybrad said your best option is to study like crazy this year! However, not everyone can get the 98 that you need to get in, so if you don't i know a few people who have done a year of an animal science or agriculture degree and then transfered over...
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    General Chatter

    Re: wow, possibly the easiest thing ive done It is defiantly unanimous. Seriously though, I thought it was pretty alright, do I go and make a knobby post about it, No. There's no need to make yourself feel better by putting others down, afterall it would be pretty ammusing to read an entire...