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  1. A.void.that.thinks

    Short survey

    Hey everyone! For my uni group assignment we’re designing a visual tool to help tourists better connect with Indigenous culture. If anyone would like to fill out this super short survey that would be brilliant!
  2. A.void.that.thinks

    Mod C Creative (Harwood)

    I wrote this creative piece for Mod C when we studied the poem ‘Father and child‘ by Gwen Harwood. It’s fairly generic and I managed to use this same piece for three separate tasks by just adapting it slightly to the stimulus on the day. I think it took me about 20 minutes to handwrite this, but...
  3. A.void.that.thinks

    What are workshop classes at UTS?

    Hmm, not sure then. I personally don’t have any workshops in my degree but if they’re still there then I guess the order doesn’t matter so much.
  4. A.void.that.thinks

    What are workshop classes at UTS?

    Hey! I’m going to uts too! I’m kind of in a similar position to you where I’ve got a tutorial before a lecture on the same day. However, for my first week my timetable is greatly reduced and that tutorial is actually missing and doesn’t show up till the next week. Maybe double check the...
  5. A.void.that.thinks

    What mark do you need for a state rank in Business Studies?

    Yeah, I also got a 97 and missed out as well
  6. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry help

    Thanks! So does that mean that amides would have the greatest solubility in water?
  7. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry help

    Bump! :)
  8. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry help

    Hey guys. So I understand that organic compounds (amides, carboxylic acids etc) can be ordered from lowest boiling point to highest but was wondering if anyone could provide a similar order for solubility because I’m struggling to find information online. (or at the very least does anyone know...
  9. A.void.that.thinks

    Maths question

    Hi, I just need some help with this question. The answer is B and I understand why the mean would decrease but don’t quite understand how they worked out that the standard deviation would decrease. Any help would be amazing!
  10. A.void.that.thinks

    What is a wordy hsc subject with least amount of extended response

    For those wondering what the ipt textbook actually looks like, here‘s a sample: it’s literally just walls of text and the textbook itself is super outdated. Not fun.
  11. A.void.that.thinks

    I'm starting to lose passion for English advanced - should I drop to standard?

    To answer one of your questions, English is the one subject that DEFINITELY WILL count towards your atar no matter how you perform in it.
  12. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry help

    Just need some help with the following questions 1) I chose A but the answer is B and I don’t know why. 2) I chose C but the answer is D 3) Also, with indicators, how come they can only be made out of weak acids/bases. Why not a strong acid/base?
  13. A.void.that.thinks

    maths 2019

    I’m fairly sure that the 2019 paper is from the old course so that’s why a lot of the questions are part of the old syllabus :)
  14. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry question help

    Wow! Thank you so much, this really helped! :D
  15. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry question help

    Hi guys, if anyone could help me with the attached questions it would be greatly appreciated. The correct answer is highlighted, I just need help with the working out.
  16. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry question

    Thank you!!!
  17. A.void.that.thinks

    Chemistry question

    Could somebody please help me with this question. The answer is D btw.