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  1. brent012

    BOS light mode > dark mode

    I don't know what the forum looked like pre-2005 or so, but between 2005-2019 the forum was mostly using the default vBulletin 3/4 theme which was a light theme with some blue (different shades in 3 to 4). You can find examples of this through the WayBack Machine. Back then, resources were not...
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    Best degree for making as much money as possible while maintaining a good work life balance

    Probably the popular choice for people with interests like that is something quantitative in commerce, like Accounting+Finance major. For that, you'd probably want to do well at uni and secure a good grad job (e.g. Big 4), but eventually move into something with better pay and work/life balance...
  3. brent012

    Best degree for making as much money as possible while maintaining a good work life balance

    I think it's hard to give accurate advice on this without knowing your interests and strengths. Comp Sci is a good pick if you are inclined to that type of work, but if you're not interested or good at it, it might be a rough course to get through and you might struggle to get good positions or...
  4. brent012

    Wondering About Car Insurance?

    Effectively replaced by likes a long time ago, before moving to the new software even. Anyway, this thread is pretty suss, but no obvious spam links lol.
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    How I search for images

    You would just search for "[ img]" for a specific user, without the space. That would find posts/quotes that have images embedded in them.
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    How I search for images

    Not really, you can search for img tags, but it won't show you previews in the search screen and it would also pick up images in quotes. It's not really a feasible thing to do as as not all images are attachments (as they would be in something like discord), they are just "img" tags mixed in...
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    apparently is math becoming compulsory in 2026

    I'm not completely on top of the new curriculum, but there's some useful content in standard 2 that I believe is not even covered in Advanced, Ext 1 or Ext 2 at all. Specifically the network section with content like graphs, network diagrams, shortest path, minimum spanning tree, critical path...
  8. brent012

    Thoughts on CS + SWE?

    I wouldn't recommend this, it's basically Comp Sci + IT which isn't quite as redundant as CS + SWE, but are different (but highly related) career paths. Information Systems is more for people that want to become business analysts, consultants etc. CS/SWE for people that want to be doing...
  9. brent012

    Might need advice for time-planning for more extracurricular activities

    These days basically every uni society should have an active discord or FB group. It was already becoming like that before the pandemic, but the shift off campus during lockdowns forced every society to make sure they had an online presence and community. That should give you an opportunity to...
  10. brent012

    How would you solve this

    This one is a similar problem:
  11. brent012

    The weirdest course I’ve ever taken

    I took a similar class for my masters, with the Raven's Progressive Matrices from IQ tests and similar being a semester long project. The twist was that we weren't solving them ourselves, we had to code "AI agents" to solve them and reflect on how human like (or not) our approaches were.
  12. brent012

    Help with SDD assignment

    Best to just jump in and profile it, an IDE like PyCharm should help as they have profiler tools built in. There should be guides and youtube videos about how to do that. You might be able reason through why some parts of the code are slow, or find known performance anti-patterns for PyGame...
  13. brent012

    What are workshop classes at UTS?

    Just wait until your first week and see, usually the enrollment system won't let you pick activities out of order. Most classes lag tutorials by a week so they can scatter them on days around the lecture rather than all after the lecture. I've seen "workshops" refer to multiple things at UTS...
  14. brent012

    What's the point of going into honours when you can do a master of research?

    On this topic, a 3 year undergraduate course in Australia (e.g. Commerce or Computer Science without honours) is not considered equivalent to a 4 year bachelor degree in the US. So those programs without honours will not be sufficient for admission to an MBA or other masters programs at many...
  15. brent012

    application process for university

    Very different to Australia. US universities don't really have a direct equivalent of the UAC or even the ATAR/HSC, so the process is nowhere near as standardised. I would disregard any material about US college applications unless you are actually planning on applying for one. You would...
  16. brent012

    Test and compare your internet speed

    That still exists, it's called eduroam
  17. brent012

    Are we gonna live with the COVID pandemic?

    I dont think they skipped those, they just didn't become problems. They name any strain which is considered of "interest" or "concern" iirc. I believe lambda (λ) was a strain in Peru that was vaccine resistant and had been detected in quarantine in other countries, but it just never took hold...
  18. brent012

    General Programming Thread

    Yeah, specific syntax and "programming" becomes routine after a while. It's only interesting if you are comparing language design and features across languages. In industry, it's more about software engineering than just programming. Rather than code, the focus starts to become about the...
  19. brent012

    General Programming Thread

    Yep, it's the standard, but the competitors in that space are languages more like R and Matlab. Microsoft do have some ML stuff but even they support Python with Azure for ML as it's so prominent. Python is "slow" and C# is much faster, but C# still doesn't compile down to native machine code...