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    Is law really the death sentence that everyone makes it out to be?

    Not tryna start an argument here but there is definitely a real real difference in the difficulty of achieving high grades in law compared to some other degrees (generally). Degrees like arts, which, for me at least (and SO many other people I know) are an absolute joke compared to law. I...
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    UNSW → A guide to transferring internally to law

    For people that received a high ATAR they can still apply to UNSW law through UAC. That way their ATAR gets considered. Of course I encourage those people to apply via the internal program transfer route as well. No harm in casting your net as wide as possible (apart from the administration fees...
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    Criminology&Crim Justic/Law

    I'd have to agree with with Trans4M. Only pick that combination if you're very interested in criminology and social research and policy. It's a very prescriptive degree and very little room for electives. I'd recommend Arts/Law if you're only slightly interested in criminology. At least with...
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    Sorry for the late reply. There's no ATAR requirement for internal transfer to law at UNSW. Who...

    Sorry for the late reply. There's no ATAR requirement for internal transfer to law at UNSW. Who told you this?
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Bro I know that feel for Chinese Yongzhen :P Worst fucking major if you're a noob at chinese
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Subject Reviews Semester 1 PSYC2061 (Social and Developmental Psychology) Ease: 9/10. The first half of the course is basically a revision of what you learn in first year psychology. The second half builds upon that slightly. The journal article assignment was piss easy and required no...
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    Psych 1A / 1B

    Psyc 1A is not a prerequisite for Psyc 1B. However, you need to complete both 1A and 1B to take stage 2 courses.
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    Microwaves in Kensington/COFA

    There's one in the law building first floor
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    General Questions about Uni + NEED HELP WITH ENROLMENT PSYCH1001

    1. Yes, same textbook for both 1A and 1B 2.If UNSW has emailed you and said they will make vacancies for you to enroll in that tutorial, then try and enroll in that tutorial again and see if it works. 3. No, recommended texts are not needed at all. As others have said on this forum, its best...
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    Psychology and law notes - first year?

    Don't know about law, but really, it is not necessary to prepare for psychology or most courses for that matter. Psychology for example, you will learn everything you need to know during the course such as how to write a psychology report (fairly similar to science reports in high school). But...
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    Transfer into combined law at usyd or unsw

    I was the one that got in with 76 :D Well to be exact it was 76.89. And there were others that got in with 78, 79 etc.
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    Enrolling in courses that do not follow your program strucutre?

    Are you allowed to enroll in courses outside of your program structure? Of course, I mean courses that do not have any prerequisites or faculty restrictions. I am asking this on behalf of a friend. She REALLY wants to get into UNSW biomedical engineering. Unfortunately she only got an ATAR of 67...
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    Questions on Arts Majors

    Unfortunately no. You cannot proceed to honours in psychology with only a minor because a minor only requires you to do first year and second year psychology courses. Alternatively, you could transfer into science/law and major in psychology for the science component and then proceed to honours...
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    Questions on Arts Majors

    Not sure about history, but there are only 3 psychology subjects available in first year (PSYC1001 in semester 1 and PSYC1011 + PSYC2101 in semester 2). The first two courses are introductory courses where you learn a broad range of topics in psychology, therefore it is hard to label the...
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    Internal Program Transfer outcomes are out.

    Nevermind. I just realised I can't accept until monday. Also I got into law with 76 WAM! horhor.
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    Internal Program Transfer outcomes are out.

    Hey how do you know if you got an offer? And also, how do i accept it?
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Subject Reviews Semester 1 PSYC1001 (Psychology 1A) Ease: 9/10. Content is simple to understand and you don't need much background knowledge in order to achieve high marks. It's pretty much like a gen ed course except more contact hours. Textbook helps clarify information from the lectures, but...
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    some one who got a 97.30 ATAR without studying?

    It is possible. Had a friend who got in the 95s for UAI and did the same cramming method for his HSC. He had this philosophy that 'studying was a privilege' and that if he didn't understand the concepts taught to him in class, then he didn't "deserve' to revise. Ridiculous, i know and he knows...
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    School Rankings 2011

    From 270 -> 122... THS FTW!
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    For all those who got 90+ ATARS....

    Almost always did the homework I was given, unless I thought it was pointless. Other than that, studied 1-3 nights before the exam/assessment.