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    Tutor needed >.<

    OKAY! As the title states I require a tutor. Im in second year Uni and one of my courses is Maths 1A which is essentially Imaginary Numbers, Inverse Functions, Limits and Calculus. Anyone thats willing my friend and I would be forever grateful. The payment and area can be negotiated...
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    Lel, Been ages since i was here. Anyways, So i finished first year Uni - yay. Im guessing the 6 offers for the interviews are accessed through UAC? >.> Also, Whats the best course of action now if i still want to get into Med? Thank you (:
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    BAdvSci PreMedicine?

    So, i got an offer to do Bach. of Advanced Science (Premedicine) Im assuming that doesn't guarantee i get into Medicine 100% post graduate, does it? Its new.
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    Maths 1A

    Hey Guys, Im having a bit of trouble with Maths 1A, coming from a general class and everything :( Do you think a tutor would be a good idea?
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    I was just wondering what was the cut off for UMAT percentiles at UNE to be offered an interview >.< Thankyou!!
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    UMAT Chances

    Sooo... i keep getting 82 and the like out of 134 in my MedEntry practice exams. Should i be worried >.<
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    Orientation Week

    -.- I've been told so many dates in terms of O week. Someone please once and for all dispel my confusion. Campbelltown campus yeah? :) Thankyou!
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    Who knows about the tutorial page & what we're supposed to do So. Lost. >.<
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    Medicine Take in's

    So i'm doing B. Med Sci (Adv) this year obv. to get into Med next year. I heard they only take in about 6 students from both My course AND B. Sci (Adv) but then i heard they take in 40 students. So. Concfused. Which on is it and if its the 6 students isn't that like saying bye bye to Med...
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    Ahh preferences!

    Aloha, I feel so AHHHH. Well thing is I need to put down my prefrences. Yes i know im cutting it close. I just dont know WHAT to put down. I have Adv. Medical Sci UWS and Medical Science at UNSW. Also i was thinking B. of Biomed at UTS :/ help :(
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    Help me ahh!

    :( OKAY! So i want to become a biomedical engineer however i dont really know my way into it or alternative paths into it. ive done my research for UNSW and UTS however im still a bit iffy about them. Please could someone explain id be forever grateful! Thankyou!
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    Medical Science to Med

    At UWS can you do Medical Science and get into Med? (i think you can) And if so how many students do they take in and what requirements must be met?Cause I've heard so many thing i don't know what to believe -.- Thankyou!
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    Uni courses :o

    -.- OKAY so i need help deciding if i should or should not do Medicine. What i was planning was to do Medical Science and then transfer after a year into medicine or finish my degree for medical then do medicine. Thing is i heard you need a good GAMSAT mark along as good uni marks. Is that the...