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    Buying Essays + Need a Marker

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a tutor who has done my English texts to look over my essays and help me with writing my analysis instead of someone who will look at the general structure and strength of the argument. I'm also looking for essays for the modules as resources. (I'm happy to pay for...
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    Mod A Essay Structure

    Hey, Getting some contrasting information and struggling with this essay. I was planning on going with a blocked essay (T1)(T2)(T1)(T2) but then I was told that intertwined is usually much better for the better students. However, I was struggling with it as I did not have enough on one of the...
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    New Syllabus Questions

    Where is everyone getting questions from for the modules (other than equilibrium, even for equilibrium like more questions regarding Keq Ksp etc..) Thanks
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    UCAT entry levels?

    Dear Everyone, I've been practicing for the UCAT and it has been pretty tough so far. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the Unis will probs be asking for in terms of entry into medicine dentistry etc (UNSW, UWS, Adelaide etc). I cannot find any information regarding this...
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    Any Investment Bankers Here?

    Dear Everyone, I've been looking everywhere because I wanted to have a chat with an investment banker, if you don't mind getting a little personal (how long you spend with your family, pay etc). If you know someone or you are one - preferably first or second year please PM me, I just have a...
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    HSC Exam for texts and human experiences

    I know no one knows for sure but the general consensus says that there is no related text in Paper 1 for the HSC?? What are your teachers saying?
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    HSC Physics 2018 Marathon

    There's a thread for every other year so we should have one too! 3 Weeks till HSC lets get the questions going!! Please answer the question above before asking a new one and keep it within the scope of the syllabus! I'll start: Discuss the origins of unwanted heat production in...
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    Photoelectric effect and P-N Junctions

    Hey Everyone, Lately I've been hearing alot that it is incorrect to say that the P-N junction uses the photoelectric effect. This is because the photoelectric effect (to what I know) is the complete removal of the binding energy of the atom to its electron and this electron has been liberated...
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    Year 11 Chemistry Papers (NEW SYLLABUS)

    Dear Everyone, Can people who have finished their prelim chemistry papers please upload them so we can make a resource for students who have not yet completed their prelims and for the next years? Thanks everyone (Please do not upload any copyrighted papers ^_^) Cheers
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    What trials should I do?

    Hey everyone, For these holidays I would like a past student or current students to tell me which Trials from what schools I should do that benefit most and I am mostly looking for exams on the more difficult side. My school will be doing CSSA and so I will be doing all the CSSA ones I could...
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    Copper with a slit braking question

    Hey guys, So this is a concept that has really been confusing and it is one of a pretty common HSC question so it is as follows: When a horse shoe made of copper is dropped onto a strong magnet, it experiences electromagnetic braking as there is a changing magnetic field, induced emf, it is...
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    Looking for a Physics Tutor

    I am looking for a 1 on 1 Physics tutor who finished HSC in the past few years and did really well that can mentor me and explain some difficult concepts to me! In the Eastern Suburbs so Hurstville, Rockdale, etc. Please PM me with your location, whether you would like me to come or we meet...
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    Final Exam Feels?

    How's everyone feeling? Ready for the exam tomorrow and is anyone still studying? Feel like it has kicked in a bit for me starting to feel a bit of stress but other than that I feel pretty weird because I'm not as tense as I was for trials, anyone else? What’s everyone’s exam technique?
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    B/ Vet Biology and D Vet Med at USYD/UNSW

    Hey Guys, As above the course I am looking into doing is the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at USYD/UNSW. I have been looking tho at entry requirements and have not been able to find any entry requirements or atar cut offs. The only thing it says is that it is A + C meaning that it is ATAR and...
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    Thoughts on 2017 4U CSSA

    How did everyone go? What did you think of the difficulty? Please do not post questions from the exam as the exam is still under the secure period for illness/misadventure students.
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    Year 11 Subject Selection

    Hey Guys, We have subject selection coming up soon. I just wanted people to give me some input in what I should do. I am finishing Extension 2 Maths this year anyway because I'm accelerated but it ill only count as 3 units in year 11 and hence I need only 9 out of 12 Units. Tell me what you...