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  1. Coookies

    Do we need Government policies??

    Particularly in topic 3, do we need to know the government policies? It's not on the syllabus, Im not sure if its because its changed or its implied that we need to know it...
  2. Coookies

    Trial on technology

    What did everyone get for paper 1 and 2?
  3. Coookies

    What to do?!?!?

    Q. What to do?!?!? A. Move on
  4. Coookies

    Important Study between Now and HSC

    Learn the content then keep applying them to past papers. Best way for them to really stick in your head.
  5. Coookies

    Is matrix good?

    Lots of people do tutoring in year 11, its become normal now. OP, I suggest Dux College for those subjects, as a cheaper alternative(but definitely not worse). Do some research and see how you feel. Not too sure about UMAT though.
  6. Coookies

    Should I go to selective school?

    How far is you current school? 5 mins from school is really good.
  7. Coookies

    multiple choice questions help !!

    No problem :) Are there any you don't agree with? We can discuss them
  8. Coookies

    What motivates you to study?

  9. Coookies

    multiple choice questions help !!

    THESE ARE JUST MY GUESSES, I AM NOT 100% SURE ANY OF THEM ARE RIGHT what happens to the current account when the terms of trade improve? a) exports will buy less imports b) exports will buy more imports c) the current account moves into surplus d) the current account moves into deficit...
  10. Coookies

    Earrings on guys?

    I agree it depends on the guy.
  11. Coookies

    Simpsons Rule Help!

    Thank god, I thought I've used the wrong formula all this time!
  12. Coookies

    Creative Writing

    Don't use it, find another word or change that sentence.
  13. Coookies

    Earrings on guys?

    Studs/eyebrow piercings on guys are hot, gives them that bad boy look that I like :P
  14. Coookies

    Trials are over and....

    Isn't it better for you in the long run then? You'll be more likely to beat her in the HSC, could be the difference between getting in your course and not getting in.
  15. Coookies

    Simpsons Rule Help!

    Is that -0.75? Because area can't be negative. Ive tried the question and I got 0.74479...
  16. Coookies

    2 MONTHS TILL HSC. What are your study plans from now till then?

    Knowing its only 2 months away really scares me, its all becoming so real and I don't feel ready at all!
  17. Coookies

    UAC Application Problems

    Are you clicking "Change" or "apply"?
  18. Coookies

    Few Questions About EAS (Educational Access Schemes)

    I thought 5 was the max with everything. They tell you if you got accepted or not the same day you get your ATARs