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  1. kazziiee

    Director's Folio - Ruby Moon

    i think its suppose to just be taken as you own interpretation. im in a drama class of three & we all came up with a different idea. 1. did ruby ever even exist. 2. the ice cream man did it. 3. ruby died as a baby and they are still hang on in believe that she has grown up. its kinda weird but i...
  2. kazziiee

    Major Project Advice

    im dreading my one major. let alone four. i work 15-20 hours a week. & try to study. & still run out of time. while on the topic of major works. advice on where to look for a drama monologue?
  3. kazziiee

    Early mornings, or late nights?

    i would rather get up early in the morning. depends if your a morning or night person.
  4. kazziiee

    How many units do you do? Anyone do 14+?

    my school had a spaz at me when i tried to do fourteen units. & only agreed to let me do fourteen if i assured them i would drop something when it comes to the HSC. everyone in my grade did 12 units, a few did 13 & i did 14.
  5. kazziiee

    drama major works

    hey i want to start looking for an indo for my drama major work. i sort of want something modern (i.e. NO shakespeare) but does anyone have any advice on where i can look for some ideas? thanks : )
  6. kazziiee

    Are you ready for year 12?

    i would rather not think of that :uhoh:
  7. kazziiee

    HEy guys im new but i have a problem to discusss

    wow. fifteen units. im caving and stressing over fourteen. cant wait to drop a subject next year. but i dont know whether to drop business studies or business services.
  8. kazziiee

    Are you ready for year 12?

    BRING IT ON i really need a new start. but im a bit anxious. i know people say its not the end of the world if you stuff hsc. but is it really? that confuses me. is it just something people say to make you feel better. guess we will only find out in time. :confused:
  9. kazziiee

    advanced maths or general?

    well i got my mark back today. &it honestly was nothing but embarrassing. so its down to general for me.
  10. kazziiee

    advanced maths or general?

    i flat out told mum i was thinking of it and im going to do whats in my best interest. she wants me to stay. i dont want the stress. so ill just see how things go when half yearly comes back.
  11. kazziiee

    the new business services course

    i know there are resources for the old course. but preliminary 09 has a new course.. are there resources for it yet?? and is it just me or is it not taught very well?
  12. kazziiee

    Are there English Advanced students who do not enjoy English?

    depends on teacher alot. my teacher this year managed to make me like english; ive got friends who do standard and still hate it. i like it because it so different to the last years; +you get better bands and uai : )
  13. kazziiee

    advanced maths or general?

    i choice advanced maths to try to boost my uai; but im not really understanding the work.. is it better to struggle and stay in advanced and get i few points on my uai? or drop to general and get great bands and good uai? ideas or thoughts? thanks..
  14. kazziiee

    When Do We Get Results!

    no idea when schools get them back. we get our documents back on the 12th tho. which is friday.