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  1. K

    Building Bridges? Hope, Daring?

    wrote about what more we can achieve, we can achieve much more, then talked about peace, racism. and no i dont have rice dawun :D :D :D
  2. K

    wat did u think about the sc

    English was easy, except last part.... Science, i juz hate that subject... i failed it....
  3. K

    English SC WAS A JOKE!!

    zomg that english exam was a joke... i aced the motha fucka
  4. K

    exam results

    hahaha what smart dudes... i got like all under 40% for all my trials. Only like 4 people passed in english, science, maths, hist/geo. IN THE WHOLE YEAR!
  5. K

    Are you ready??

    I hope everyone fails. :D hope yas get kicked out by them old wrinkly people who supervise
  6. K

    !!!!!!!!!! What Topics Would be in the Exams? !!!!!!!!!!

    Alright... thanks bruhh
  7. K

    !!!!!!!!!! What Topics Would be in the Exams? !!!!!!!!!!

    nuhh... always study a day before a test !! first time studying and dont know which part of hist and geo.... and.. go to sleep :bomb:
  8. K


  9. K

    !!!!!!!!!! What Topics Would be in the Exams? !!!!!!!!!!

    What Topics Would be in the Exams? like for history and georaphy..... cant memorise everything about these subjects. Republicanism, migrants, Aboriginal History, Paul Keating, WW's etc... Anyone know for sure or have an idea of what we gotta write about in the Long Responses?