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  1. sladehk

    RSA and Barista courses

    I was thinking of doing both courses, are there any places that are particularly good? or are they all the same? thanks
  2. sladehk

    Any interest?

    Anyone interested in developing a facebook application with me? PM for details. Im taking this as a learning process, i barely know the php and mysql but will devote time in the summer holidays to it.
  3. sladehk

    Video playback

    i downloaded a few videos but when i play them (its supposed to be say 15 minutes long) the audio continues for the full length but teh video finsihes in like 20 seconds. I have tried other media players such as gom and searched online. some say its to do with the splitter or something? does...
  4. sladehk

    demonoid invite

    can someone pm me a demonoid invite?
  5. sladehk

    So you like to sing?

    Try UltraStar Deluxe (a much improved version of UltraStar, a Singstar clone). Just imagine being able to add your own songs/videos to an INFINITE collection. How awesome is that! Coming up on the next release is the ability to play and show lyrics with unicode, ie SE asian languages! You've got...
  6. sladehk


    I know this seems like the wrong place but i was wondering what are good packs for mugen (ive heard of EVE and AllCharsBattleZero) but i was just hoping for random fun. it seems like a pretty awesome thingo and ive dled a few characters and installed them properly. are there any good packs(as in...
  7. sladehk

    work vacations (resorts, pubs and the like)

    i was interested in going in a working vacation 2-3 months summer uni breaks, in either japan, canada or (asia/ europe). i have basic year 10 japanese which i guess i can touch up on. i saw a pretty awesome site: boobooski.com has anyone tried them? or know of any good alternatives? any...
  8. sladehk

    Self improvemnt subsection

    could we have a self-improvement subsection? like where we can post resources or posts about how to improve ourselves? (and Qs as well)
  9. sladehk

    Call centre jobs

    heyz, i want to get a job in call centre industry (esp customer service but anythign will do) so i was wondering if there were any places in sydney where you could work at with decent pay. Additionally, i have no experience at all.
  10. sladehk

    Have a heart. Study Medicine at UWS

    Want to do medicine? ^yes, they never asked us to check b4 making 100s of these http://www.uws.edu.au/about/acadorg/schools/medicine More info on how to get in: http://www.uws.edu.au/about/acadorg/schools/medicine/courses
  11. sladehk

    karaoke players

    are there any good free karaoke players out there? (must play asian) [ultrastar sates my white songs] ive seen of a "unify karaoke home edition" which seems pretty neat but i was wondering if there was a free alternative
  12. sladehk

    Centrelink (youth allowance + rent assistance)

    heys i was wondering (im 19 and doing full time uni).. this is what i read from the site "Youth allowance 18 and over, away from home $348.10* Rent Assistance Single, no dependent children Maximum payment per fortnight : $104.00 No payment if your fortnightly rent is less...
  13. sladehk

    cool programs

    anyone know any cool programs (like ultrastar and stepmaniaCMS) not p2p, explorers, media players, anti virus stuff , etc. im kinda just after good quality (hopefully freeware) programs that are interesting or fun
  14. sladehk

    all uws.edu.au 's down!!

    gosh exams are near.. just started to study and now webct's dead :'(
  15. sladehk

    How to change DS' mac address

    I own a wii and a ds and a laptop. At my place, i have a wireless router that is working properly but I ain’t allowed to change the mac filtering on it which only allows my laptop to work with the net. Consequently, i can’t add my wii or ds to the router so they can’t access the net. I was...
  16. sladehk

    What are good forums to join?

    Im kinda bored and other than BoS, what are some good forums to join (esp if they are aussie) any others like: like http://www.austech.info/?
  17. sladehk

    Anyone excitied?!?!? FFTA 2's coming out on DS

    me being a big fan of the original final fantasy tactics advance on GBA saw this first on wikipedia as something ffta: somehitng grimones, with a new hero/heroine its also out as fft on PSP too! "Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War on PSP and the third title will be Final Fantasy Tactics A2...
  18. sladehk

    Wow challenger?

    www.warhammeronline.com looks as good as wow? anyone interested in playing?
  19. sladehk

    Wouldn't mind finding this in my hat after busking..

  20. sladehk

    Medicine past papers

    Heyz would anyone be able to post some of their past papers up or something? yea if you have uni melb ones.. i would be verrrry grateful (reaches for non-existent rep button) i think i found something @ http://exams.infodiv.unimelb.edu.au/#ME but i kinda was searching for semester 1...