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    First in Course List

    I tutored a person that got a first in the state... Just not in the subject I tutored them for.
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    ITT: We draw perfect circles.

    just saying, I honestly believe I managed to perfect this artform. The many free periods in class I would grab a whiteboard marker and draw circles on the whiteboard. The trick is standing parallel to the board and hold the the pen with a clenched fist (like a 2 year old). Then keep your arm...
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    Maths 2U vs. Maths 3U

    Just so you know, what you say "fail 4u" you need to specify what you mean. If you mean getting <50% raw mark then many people fail 4 unit. It is still very possible to get a high band 5 mark, say 87 while getting lower than 50% in the exam. If by failing, you mean absolutely miserably failing...
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    Who should win the next election

    I generally support liberal, but the sex party has some pretty good policies. Only problem is nobody takes it seriously.
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    Maths questions help please!

    You don't have to multiply by (2x-1)^2 Just consider when the denominator is equal to zero ie, when x is 1/2 Then x =/= 1/2 Then solve for equals, and test points in the original equation.
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    Do teachers take into consideration rankings when marking subjective assesment tasks?

    Re: Do teachers take into consideration rankings when marking subjective assesment ta Maybe I'm wrong but I was under the impression for all year 12 assessments the only form of identification allowed was the student number so bias like this does not occur (as in I thought the Board of Studies...
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    MX1 to MX2 Difficulty?

    4 unit is a whole different course, so there isn't heaps of overlap like 2u and 3u. That being said I think all people that do 3u should at least give it a go.
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    Is it fine for teachers to reuse a hsc question but change the marking guidelines?

    Re: Is it fine for teachers to reuse a hsc question but change the marking guidelines I did this for one of my papers (fighting the mark), I may already be too late in saying this, but if you are going to appeal it, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EXAM HOME. Leave it with the teacher and you must lodge an...
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    What rankings are required for 95+ in a rank 25 school?

    I'd say top half. I just missed out on 95 and I was not in the top half for any of my subjects and my school was ranked in the 40s.
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    First impressions on Macquarie (2 weeks in)

    I can use minitab better than excel. And I suck at using minitab... Guess that says something about my excel skills....
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    Dem 127 twice in a row -.-
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    I'm first year, and I have had 2 lectures attendances taken...
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    Student Services and Amenities Fee

    My understanding is it's a fine. $200 I think... I may be wrong.
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    student login

    I'm not sure, but this may be what you are looking for...
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    Expectations of MQ Semester 1 2012?

    I hope it works out, for my sake, but thanks for the advice. I'll take it on board!
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    Expectations of MQ Semester 1 2012?

    EDIT: Sorry it's for my double degree in sig. I decided to do that because I wanted to only have 3 units a session for my fourth year so I can complete the capstone units separately without having too much work to worry about. I figure it will start out (relatively) simple (apart from the...
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    Expectations of MQ Semester 1 2012?

    I am serious -.- I just have uni spaced over 5 days, and I am working some days after uni and on the weekend. It's not really a part time job even, just a few hours a week tutoring. That way I have some afternoons free for sport :)
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    Thoughts on Orientation

    I think it was set out well with the option for lectures for those who wanted more in depth information was well set out. The only thing I would say is some of the mentors were shy/awkward, so maybe teaming up 2 mentors per group (which is what happened to my group after the library tour - and...
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    Expectations of MQ Semester 1 2012?

    Trying to get into the swing of things with 5 units and a job, as well as getting good marks. This and trying to maintain playing 3 sports competitively should keep me occupied.
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    The Official Table Tennis Thread

    I got table tennis at home... have been meaning to try and go into come comps/tourney's... maybe at uni I will. I got a butterfly something bat. Backhand cross-court is my best shot for some reason.