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    Should History Extension become two separate units?

    I think definitly - this is counting 1 unit towards my HSC - but its harder than some of my 2 unit and much more time consuming - I love it but I think it without a doubt needs to become two units eventually. The course is going under a lot of revision at the moment, so yeah it'll be interesting.
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    Period Answer Length?

    I know this isn't a set thing, but how long, maybe in paragraphs, should the 25 mark question be? How many things should be covered? I know this is odd but any help would be great. Ionatana
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    Roll call

    So Sobosov - you've finished? With OHS - how? im struggling so much - im so behind. I've lost a few weeks and im trying as hard as I can but its so hard! Can you help me with OHS stuff please!
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    Roll call

    OK I need heaps of help. I'm doing beginners and def not from hispanic background so HELP! I'm gonna suck. Help please!
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    Roll call

    Hey - I'm doing Year 12 this year and doing Spanish beginners :D
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    Spanish Contiuners

    So do all of you do spanish continuers for the HSC? I'm going to be doing Spanish beginners for my HSC (06) and not many others seem to be doing it.
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    Donde estan los alumnos de habla hispana?

    Are there any people here doing Spanish beginners for the HSC?