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    Mulit Choice Answers

    shit!!!!!!!! i got mixed up
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    Mulit Choice Answers

    question 11 why is q11 A? i dont think it could be B due to the fact that incresed efficiency wouldn't decrease supply it would only move the price down and technically A is right in that if the price went down so would supply.
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    raw marks

    what type of raw marks do you have to get to get into band 5 and 6. One of the teachers at my ex-school said that if you get 60 in 2 unit maths you get put into like band 5. the subjects ido are -chem -2u maths -std eng -eco -ipt
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    option question

    what the f#@k was doing with the last questions in the options. What were tou meant to do i just gibbered something. I hate IPT!!!!
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    how did everybody go? i totally stuffed it up and only did 2.5 pages becausae i only had 15 mins to do it in. do you know if you get recognition for putting heaps of techniques but not really explaing them?
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    how much did u write for section II and III??

    i stuffed up hard on question 2 i only did 2.5 pages because i ran outa time for the other two i did 5 and 7 respectively
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    Do you think this would be a good idea?

    i just skimmed through your essay and there is no way in hell that you are going to reproduce anything even half as good as that in the exam. That essay is more like an assignment than an essay done under exam conditions. Try doing essays without the textbook. Anyway we are probably going to be...
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    Exchange Rates

    firstly there are viewed structural deficiencies in th aus economy in that we rely on turism and primary product exports rather than etms. secondly it is not only the fact that the aus was weak it is that the us dollar is strong in these uncertain times.
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    Someone send me some Macbeth notes

    get the excel book or go to
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    Who's doing what modules?

    my texts are: -looking for alibrandi (nice and easy) -bruce dawe (fucking hate dawes poetry it is gibberish) -truman show (alright movie) -macbeth (evil shakespeare learn how to speak english)
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    are all the people on here the average because if they are im shitting myself because I have barely done any study the most i have done is maybe 6 hours in a day, the average is about 3. I come on here and I see people doing 24 hours straight (slight exageration) and shit myself
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    Changing prespective...Film

    you don't have to really cover techniques for related material. Isn't it just there to assist you in making your point? films you could use -any disney -think of films which deal with issues such as racism and shit like that
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    mermorising stuff

    use the flow chart to work out cations and anions
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    i did it and got 4 for it. It was to do with those stupid molymod kits and you just had to say how they help us to understand. eg: they help uis visualise the connections. then you had to also dispute this using examples Dont worry about it as i dont think it will be in the HSC because it...
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    uni opening days

    how is NSW in the middle of know where. Just cos you live out in westiville go to a westy uni then and stop bitching about where NSW is.
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    2 unit catholic trial

    the 3 units said it was a lot harder than last years trial which was a lot harder than the HSC exam
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    What is the best textbook for HSC Chemistry?

    i am using chemistry contexts which is ok except it weighs a ton i also have like 3 textbooks in photocopies
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    CSSA chem trial

    what does everyone predict they will get for the trial i guess <50% for me stupid 6 markers fucked me up
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    CSSA chem trial

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    cssa chem trial

    i have 3 words for todays exam "what the fuck!" all the fucking long answer questions were fucked i didn't have a clue i just bullshitted and made up some formulas. how bout everyone else or was it just me?