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    What should I drop? Currently doing 13 units & suffering!

    If Legal is taught well then I wouldn't drop it. The course is a lot of work but it's also really fun to do in the HSC (imo the content was much better than the Preliminary content). Drop English Ext1.
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    New to B.Comm Liberal Studies HELP ME CHOOSE MAJOR

    I know this post is over a month old but I just wanted to let you know that UNSW has a combined Commerce/Aviation(Management) course that you might want to look into because it's perfectly geared towards the job you have in mind.
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    Can I still get about a 85-90 atar with these ranks

    Are those school ranks? Use the matrix ATAR calculator and just input your current raw marks for each subject (approximate if you're not sure) and then type in some random HSC exam results you believe you'd be able to achieve and so what you get. It was only off by 0.05 for my atar.
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    Political Economy major?

    Yes this helps! Thank you. I'm not very familiar with everything economics covers. That being said I remember enjoying watching the lectures from an introductory economics course posted online by Berkeley (I wanted to get an idea of what economics was about because it seemed interesting but I...
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    Political Economy major?

    Thank you so much for the response. Would you be able to shed some more light on your economics major? Do you feel like it helps you with understanding the ideas behind policy and what goes on in the political arena? Would you recommend the pre-Honours track or just a regular economics major...
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    Political Economy major?

    Is there anyone doing this major that could comment on the content? Is it more politics or economics, is it heavy on maths, and are you finding it interesting and worthwhile? I've read on a few posts that the lecturers are biased (favouring Marxism to the extent that they discriminate in...
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    Commute from Newcastle (Kotara) to UNSW

    Honestly, why do that to yourself? Just go to UoN. The time you'll be loosing in travel is nowhere near worth attending UNSW. Do your undergrad at UoN and then apply for Honours at UNSW. I gave up on UNSW because it was half an hour longer than getting to USyd and I live within 1h30min of each...
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    Do you like it?

    I loved Legal Studies and found it very useful in real life too. I would recommend it to anyone.
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    Is a good selective school worth traveling one and a half hours to everyday?

    Honestly I don't think it's worth it. You could spend that extra time doing sports or simply socialising. Your current school is already ranked really well. Mine wasn't even in the top 100 and I got a really good ATAR (and education) out of it
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    I'm pretty sure only USyd offers undergraduate pharmacy. The job market is pretty tough for pharmacy graduates so maybe with that in mind it might be better to get an undergraduate degree in something more "safe" and then do pharmacy later if you still want it? Just a thought..
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    What are assignments like in a neuroscience major?

    Not related to the original question but you can actually avoid these if you take a physiology major instead of a neuroscience major. The physiology major gives you the same neurobiology subjects with additional anatomy/pharmacology etc. No psychology. It's like neuroscience with a med...
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    how the hell are you meant to write a light hearted creative in the hsc

    The problem with your piece is that it looks like an excerpt from a novel not a short story in itself. Give or take a few errors in grammar it's ok but I would reconsider the topic. You want to look at the marking criteria for the creative writing piece and make sure it's coherent. Remember, the...
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    Could I get an ATAR of 90 or above

    you're on the right path but it depends on how well you do in your exams as they account for 50% of the total mark.. I had much worse scaling subjects and got above 98 so you should be fine if you do well