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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    If anyone knows where we can find the answers for this year's paper (if anyone has put them up yet), can you let us know?
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    Do we need to include the scientific name of organisms when giving examples?

    Can you get a band 6 without doing this because I have a damn hard time memorising strange unpronounceable names?
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    Can we use double angle results in a 2 unit exam?

    Iv'e seen some questions where I wouldn't know how to solve it without using the double angle formulas. Would I get marked down?
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    What could I get if I didn't include anything on "its strengths, its weaknesses"?

    But I answered all the other parts of the question and trust me, I only memorised techniques/themes. So the essay definitely addresses the question, just not that part.
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    Can someone please explain how my final mark is calculated?

    So just to clarify, if I got an 85 exam mark, would this be used to calculate my final mark?
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    Can someone please explain how my final mark is calculated?

    My internal mark for English Advanced is 95 and I am ranked 1st but after today's HSC, I know that I screwed up big time. Is it true that because I am ranked 1st, half of my mark will just be whoever came first in externals from my cohort? Does this mean I still have a chance of getting 95 even...
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    What could I get if I didn't include anything on "its strengths, its weaknesses"?

    I stupidly didn't even read that part of the question so I didn't mention anything about it. Say my essay was worth about a 19-20, what mark do you think I could get if I forgot to include a component of the question? Sorry I'm just really freaking out. Edit: I actually didn't memorise the...
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    Is it possible to do the prelim and HSC course in 3 terms.

    I'm planning on doing physics at tafe, which runs over 3 terms. I want to get at least 90+ for physics, is this possible?
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    Lines of best fit

    Can someone please explain when to do a curve and when to do a straight line?
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    I thought a buffer is made of a weak acid and its conjugate base but I found in the 2013 Sydney Tech trial that a buffer is made of a weak acid and a weak base. Any clarifications please?
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    Will a 95+ mark in senior science scale me down?

    I am doing my first year of pathways this year with english adv., chem, and math ext. 1. Next year I am doing biology and maybe senior science. My atar aim is around 96, but I was wondering if I pick up senior science, will its scaling affect me too much? Or will I find it really boring because...
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    99 ATAR possible?

    School rank approx 175. These are my trial marks and overall ranks, btw we did the CSSA trial: Mathematics: 99%- 1/9 Math ext 1: 81%- 1/5 Chemistry: 79%- 1/8 (screwed up trial but i'm getting 92+ in HSC exams) English advanced: 92%- 1/11 Biology: 90%- 2/30 Senior science: 95%- 2/40
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    Is there hope?!

    I've been doing multiple past papers for all my subjects and then using this database to convert my raw marks to hsc marks. I then put this mark in an atar calculator but it says that i could get 99.55!!!! Is this even...
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    Atar estimate please!

    There are my raw marks from my trials (we do the Catholic CSSA trial, which you should keep in mind is harder than the bostes paper) Chemistry: ranked 1/9- 79% Mathematics: ranked 1/12- 99% Math Ex1: ranked 1/5- 81% English Advanced: ranked 1/11- 90% Biology: ranked 2/25- 84% Senior...
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    Is it worth knowing 2 related texts for Discovery?

    Trials start in a few days and my teacher said to know two texts well just in case they ask for two. Should I spend precious time finding another text and memorising techniques or should I just risk not doing it so that I can spend time studying everything else?
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    2016 q 11 naming CFCs

    The answer is D but I would think it should be B as don't you name in alphabetical order? Can someone please explain Thanks!
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    Yeats- How many poems?

    Say we get a question and our response has to include an analysis of at least two poems, do you think it is best to do two or three? I would say that doing three is easier because you would have more to talk about, but what is generally recommended? If I were to do three I would only do...
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    Atar estimate

    I go to a <250 ranked school but the year before we were ranked 52nd so we are not necessarily a bad school. These are my ranks after half yearlies. English adv: 1/10 Mathematics: 1/9 Math ext.1: 1/5 Biology: 3/25 Chemisty: 1/9 Senior science: 2/30