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    Will a subject I failed still be recorded on my HSC?

    I'm doing 11 units and my 11th is SOR1 and I did really badly like ranked 67/71 badly and I did nowhere as bad as that in any of my other subjects so I know it won't be counted towards my ATAR but I wanted to know if that horrible mark will be shown on my HSC record because if a university or...
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    Will failing 11th unit affect atar?

    I go to a catholic school and they make us do religion for hsc so I'm doing 1U religion along with 10 other units. Is it true that if I fail religion (already am lol) it won't affect my atar?
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    Distinctive voices related text?

    I have to do a speech on the question "Distinctive voices resonate with us because they convey distinctive experiences using the power and art of language" and I could use some suggestions for related texts? Or at least a place to start? Thanks ✌
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    Effects of temperature change on Australian plants/animals question

    Scientists at a climate research unit estimate that global land areas will have warmed at an average rate of 0.07C per decade from 1901 to 2000 Analyse possible effects of temperature change on Australian plants and animals with regard to the short term survival of individuals and long term...
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    Breaking 4th Wall in Monologue?

    Yeah my drama teacher was telling us that, especially with props its better to mime and keep it simple. My problem was I thought it would be weird if she asked for the lights up and they didn't go up but I think I'll just cut that line and go with it (it does feel a bit awkward now that I've...
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    Breaking 4th Wall in Monologue?

    So I (finally) found a monologue I really like. Its an actress getting ready to do a show and it starts addressing her anxieties about performing in front of a bunch of people shes never seen and basically she goes talks about how at the start of the show she would like to go front and centre...
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    help with choosing a monologue?

    i really need to find a monologue but i have no idea where to start. ive been looking up ones online but they're all either too short or too shit.
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    I'm sorry mate but you did come across rude. Also nahhhhh didnt think of that thanks
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    Don't know about you but telling someone to suck it up doesn't seem helpful to me, also do you think BOS is going to change anything any time soon when they cant even keep their website up over the weekend lol (every sunday i swear to god)
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    A lot of what you said yeah alright that's reasonable but i don't understand why my arguments childish? My point is school shouldn't be about which student can cram the most into their head. Someone could do jack all year but have a good memory and do alright, but someone who pays attention and...
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    If we're talking about wasting time you're the one getting in a fight with someone on a school website
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    hahah yeah my english teacher said we could use a story we wrote if we really want but i thought instead of actually writing something just make up quotes on the go and boom you're done
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    Man why'd you comment twice, what difference is that gonna make. If you're just gonna be an arse about it stop stalking the thread lmao
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    yeah yeah having quotes is essential right im just saying it should be like maths, you get a formula sheet for maths because theres no point memorising a formula if you dont know what to do with it. You should be able to have a sheet with quotes because theres no point memorising a quote if you...
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    We're given formula sheets because the important thing is what you do with the formula not that you know it. It should be the same with essay writing, you can memorise quotes all you like but if you dont have the skill to write the actual essay then there's no point
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    Year 11 prelim examsssss!!!! Should i be stressed?

    i studied like the night before for my religion exam and i was right, prelims only really matter for people going for early entry so so long as youre not doing that dont stress honest
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    It's stupid? You'll be marked down if you don't put quotes from texts in essays and seeing as there's so many different essay questions you could get some of the things you memorise might not even be relevant to the question. What's the harm in bringing in a piece of paper with a quotes on it...
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    tips for writing essays?

    im bad at essays, really bad. last year i got 5/20 in an end of year english exam and i know that im going to have to be good at essays for year 11 and 12 otherwise im going fail horribly so? does anyone have any tips or ways to practice? id really appriciate the help