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    top 10 schools?

    go baulko baulko rulez
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    2002 UAI's

    how i studied 4 business well basically i did no homework all year. However i studied / crammed heaps before assessments and did my work then and made up for the time i bludged. Make sure you know your case study real well and check the ASX announcements, and be well versed in business...
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    2002 UAI's

    I got 99.8. Very happy with that. Hammered Business Studies (got in the top of the state lists for that- probably around 15th in the state) and Economics (did this last year)
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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    Sure study is necessary But it all comes down to your ability, and how good you are. Maths is the prime example as some people (mostly Asians, sri lankans and indians) have a better maths brain than others.
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    what uni and course?

    good work kini mini nice one! looks like i'll be seeing you next year
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    2002 UAI's

    baulko got 1 100UAI my school baulkham hills high got 1 100UAI
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    Honours List

    well ure name won't be in the paper if u didn't score over 90. So for a curious looker they can tell if you stuffed up and where.
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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    get current data too for eco placing it in the current context guarantees you the top band
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    Honours List

    its tomorrow confirmed. its tomorrow. SMH
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    what uni and course?

    commerce/law I'll be doing Commerce/Law @ UNSW
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    dux of the class 2002

    hmm just coz these ppl aced 1 subject doesn't necessarily mean they aced the UAI overall. You have to be consistently high in everything!
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    all rounders

    nup ure not you need 10units 90 and above
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    What area/topic of history was your major work?

    My project was on DRESDEN: THE CONTROVERSIAL BOMBING OVER NAZI GERMANY BY THE ALLIES IN WW2 always do something controversial! I did mine a bit shite
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    Can i ask you something guys!!

    umm i have to agree with SPX the "puncy yr11". I believe Ext was the 19th most scaled subject in the UAC part, for the UAI. it says so on the site. Sif, u better do ure research before you start dissin yr11's. I believe LAZSEEKER is wrong, surely it is not scaled down that much for the UAI...
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    Mistake On Question 10!

    fuck question 10 i fucked it, how can we be expected to sort thru that mess after 3hrs of bloody workin beats me stupid BOS
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    Ext math bad judge of ability

    its about knowing how to apply certain things in different situations. As for memory i;m sure u knew all ure formulas so stop bitchin A 3unit student (75%-80% estimate)
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    Business is a shit

    that was a SHOCKER IT DIDN'T COVER HARDLY ANY OF THE SYLLABUS TOPICS IT WAS MORE OF A CASE OF "ETHICAL STUDIES" ETHICS ETHICS ETHICS BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! i failed one of the essays. damn. No management strategy type questions, the paper was truly horrible. :mad: :mad: :chainsaw: :chainsaw...
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    Cold War

    i know!!! can't believe they did a SO narrow a thing. Just coz they have to put something from the syllabus doesn't mean they have to put DOVES AND HAWKS and military industries (another group) these were the groups u HAD to talk about doves and hawks military/industrial manufacturers...
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    Cold War

    yeah the cold war culture thing wasn't really in the syllabus eh philbert. BOS tried to screw around with us. groups like doves and hawks, military industrial compelx . peace movement and all that didn't tickle my fancy. The only way to get around it was to talk about the doves and hawks...
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    Cold War

    same I had the same problem as all u guys. the Cold war culture question was hopeless so didn't do it. I didn't even study that, nor did we do that in class. Doves and Hawks...i mean cmon how much can u write about that. I spose u could get around the "groups" thing by making the U.S GOVT the...