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    trial past papaer

    Do a quick google search, theres soo many that you'll never finish them all!!
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    How is everyone going for prep on trials and HSC...

    Was feeling underprepared and hella stressed but then realised isnt everyone?
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    Describe year 12 in three words

    Love Hate Relationship
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    Chemistry Option Topics

    If for some reason you do get to choose, i would suggest industrial chemistry as i feel its one of the better topics and also theirs alot more information/resources on it.
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    60 days till trials and a 135 till the HSC. What should I be doing/have done?

    Well, great i'm not gonna lie that number just gave me the shits.
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    Solubility rules!!! Fat video, legit is one of the best. Just note these rules assume a high concentration.
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    HSC Timetable 2017

    My exam timetable was pretty good, got no double test. Sucks for those Society and culture kids who do legal studies!
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    Cheating teachers!!

    Yup you read that right teachers who are cheating. So we all know what to do if a student is cheating we learnt it at the beginning of year 11 but whats the procedure if a teacher is cheating. Heres the go basically theres a physics class with about 10 students. And for our first assessment task...
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    Can anyone solve this? (Physics)

    Where abouts did you get this question from?
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    Random segregation vs random assortment?WTH!!

    Urgh can someone explain this to me. I've looked through various textbooks and searched the net but even more confused. I understand what crossing over is and independent assortment but whats the difference between random segregation and random assortment.
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    Module A: Julius Caesar & The Prince - ADVICE/HELP

    Done both of these and the only thing i wanted to do was pull my hair out the whole time :) Buuuuut they are pretty solid texts once you link them together. If your teacher hasn't emphasized yet on context, LEARN CONTEXT such a big contributor for these texts. Just my piece good luck :)