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    Option: Astrophysics

    hey guys with the very last question, i didnt draw the HR diagram so i didnt know where the stars went, so i had to do a general description for the stars and the properties...reckon ill get any marks for tht?
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    physics exam

    Dy= uyt + (at2)/2 Uyt = 0 .:. 30cm = 4.9t squared t = Ö30/4.9 =2.47sec Dx = uxt 100cm = ux x 2.47 .:. ux = 40.41cm/s hey guys heres my projectile motion thing...have i done something wrong cos ur answers are way different from mine
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    General thoughts- Extension 1 maths

    hey guys the exam wasnt too bad :) i made a few dumb mistakes which i was pissed about :burn: for the probability with the people sitting (5b) did u have to do (4!x2!)/6! ?
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    2Unit Mathematics 2007 Solutions

    hey thnku sooo much for these :D ur a legend :D im expecting around 106/120 :D
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    General Thoughts - Mathematics

    hey guys i wrote the correct answer for the growth one then changed it (i dunno y)...u can still see it on the u reckon ill still get full marks for it?
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    General Thoughts - Mathematics

    hey peopl :D exam was pretty good overall :D the cards probability sucked and so did the last part of Q10...watd everyone get for tht part?