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    uni application help

    engineering or something in science
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    uni application help

    im just wandering if an applicant has a crapy uai and lets say a good tertiary result if the uai will be an obstacle
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    uni application help

    can i submit a new application
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    uni application help

    hi ive been so confused lately regarding my UAC application, ive applied as a non year 12 applicant and listed that ive completed hsc at school. ive been reading other threads and found that some universities consider both tertiary (tafe) and uai is this true (can u tell me where to get the...
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    med science fees

    how much is the medical science fee for 2004 wat will it rise up to in 05
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    tafe uni transfer

    there are no high distinctions in tafe the highest award is a distinction which is 83 this would be nearing a high distinction at uni which is 85
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    days per week fulltime

    how many days per week are the medical science and science degrees fulltime at usyd
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    medical salaries

    hi i dont know if you'll be able to help me but i like to ask if anyone knows how much doctors earn a year both GP's and specialists ? are there any webpages which state any info i dont know if this is the correct section for this question if not can someone tell me where to post this...
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    my first experience

    yesterday was my first experience, it was a good fiest experience, although i would like better tips on how to make sex more pleasurable. i like to know wat are the best positions for a starting couple, the most sensational positions cause some were really painful
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    sex position

    what do u think is the best sex position
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    help plz

    my uai is 60.15 applied sciense au western sydney science at usyd
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    help plz

    would there be any new coarses at sydney uni tooheyz is there a strondgpossibility off getting in?
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    help plz

    what do u mean by new coarses
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    help plz

    could someone plz help me plz havent received a late round offer yet and my chances of getting into my coarse is low is there any other way i can get into the coarse that i want
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    sorry guys just a little question are there any cost charges to rearange the order of your preferences? and when is the expiry date for final round offers ? thanks heaps
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    hi guys can someone plz help me on this issue ,i missed out on a main round offer and hoping for a late round . must i send in an application to uac or do they consider me for the offer thanks
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    internet explorer problems

    hi guys im freaking out with this problem if someone can plz help me every time i try to open a link in a new window a empty screen shows up in a new window can some one plz help me urgently
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    scaling gneral maths

    just a small question guys can anyone tell me a what a raw mark of 85+ in general maths would scale to
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    balancing equations

    hi guys can someone plz tell me the quickest way in balancing an equation with an example of the combustion of octane very important for the hsc
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    help question plz

    thankyou so much for your help chris i appreciate very much