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  1. meLoncoLLie

    Looking for someone working in the IT industry!

    You'd have better luck trying other ways of getting your interviewee (e.g. asking friends or family who know IT people - although you might have tried that already!) Most people who frequent these forums are students and not working full time in a fully fledged IT position, so I'm not surprised...
  2. meLoncoLLie

    IT in the Defence Force.

    60-70k as a starting salary for a grad in IT isn't bad at all. I'd imagine that the locations for defence jobs can be not that sexy though (e.g. lots of positions in smaller cities, and the middle of nowhere). Another good option for stability and a good career path would be grad positions with...
  3. meLoncoLLie

    Job seeking advice - grads and students

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd start a thread for all students/grads/people just starting out in the workforce, where we can discuss interview tips, how to get noticed by employers, dos and don'ts etc. I've worked in quite a few jobs since I was 14, from part time jobs in hospitality, call centre...
  4. meLoncoLLie

    iBook vs Thinkpad

    I'm looking to buy a very cheap, second hand laptop for uni work and internet surfing. Which one should I get? The IBM Thinkpad R50, 15 inch TFT, PM 1.6GHz, 512MB, 60GB, Combo Drive, with Bluetooth and Wireless for $749 OR The Apple iBook G4 14inch TFT, 933MHz, 256MB, 40GB, Combo Drive...
  5. meLoncoLLie

    English in Chinese background exams

    if you give a sophisticated answer, then you will get a good mark all the same. i've done it before.
  6. meLoncoLLie

    Mandarin Teacher Online Avaliable

    pffft .
  7. meLoncoLLie

    Azn Guys!!

    drooling here as well.... makes me think of you-know-who :p
  8. meLoncoLLie

    Chinese girls the hottest outa all asians?

    I know :( my computer's full of them
  9. meLoncoLLie

    Chinese girls the hottest outa all asians?

    I really, really don't think we're shorter than Viets in general. Look how tiny they are. LMF^^ and (^o^) are both such fobby names :p
  10. meLoncoLLie

    Chinese girls the hottest outa all asians?

    :uhhuh: ;) :chainsaw: Hey janjan ;) edit: whoever made the very foolish generalisation that the Taiwanese are short (and even shorter than viets?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!? wtf) :chainsaw: should ggf
  11. meLoncoLLie

    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Does anyone have the following books for sale? EDUC106: Educating Australia EDUC105: Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching EDUC261: Cyberlines 2.0
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    Re: �*文�*�詞! omg when did you see me eating teh apple :uhoh: *feels stalked* yeah it's a baby one :o
  13. meLoncoLLie


    Re: �*文�*�詞! OMFG. i totally didnt realise that was janjan coz I had just woken up + was in a RUSH to go to the city!!!!!!1111 sorry!!! :( :( why did you look so lost in front of the ticker machine jan??? LOL i was going to ask 'do you need help' but eastwood's sad and missing a train =...
  14. meLoncoLLie

    DVD with subtitles

    Thanks AsyLum, you're a champ
  15. meLoncoLLie

    DVD with subtitles

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to burn an .avi movie WITH .srt subtitles on a DVD(so the subtitles show up during the movie) I'd like to play it in a DVD player instead of watching it on the computer. Thanks in advance!
  16. meLoncoLLie

    Education at UNSW or MQ?

    Yeah I'll most likely be doing EDUC105/106/261 and CHN251 (coz I did HSC Background Speakers) I already have a major in mind (Chinese) and a minor (ESL). Need to pick a second minor - wondering if I should pick French or ICT. Hmmmm.
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    The Official 2006 FIFA World Cup thread.

    I want Kahn back :(
  18. meLoncoLLie

    Education at UNSW or MQ?

    Oh I'm enrolled in Chiro this semester, but I absolutely loathe I'm transferring to BA/DipEd :)
  19. meLoncoLLie

    Education at UNSW or MQ?

    Thanks for everyone's help! I've decided on MQ (mainly because I can't be bothered changing unis -I'm already at MQ. Yes, yes, I know, crappy reason). MQ's Chinese units seem way too bludgy though, only 2 contact hours per week! Is this good or bad?!