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    Rosemary laing

    i did a case study on her, although it was all based on internet material. You can have it if you want. just email me at
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    BOW how are we all doing?

    Gaaah! I'm freaking out too. I have three major works to do, with art and history ext and eng ext. Way too many. I have sorta done some of my artwork. I have completed about 40%, which was a black and white film (that I now wish was in colour) and now I'm sitting staring thinking... now what can...
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    Module B - Creative Writing

    I&S: I wrote as a lecturer in a University speaking about the importance of avoiding the mainstream refering to how characters and composers 19th century literature were able to be different despite huge restrictions of society. Not hugely imaginative...
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    Just a question about Indiv. and Society

    I was thinking about going to the one in June. My English teacher said it would be a really good experience especially coz I'm a country bumpkin. Btw.. ur all forgetting Colonel Fitzwilliam, hes a bit of a looker :p
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    The Individual and Society

    Dear People of Extension This course is absolutely killing me at the moment! I've done P&P and loved it because I knew the text well.. although I'm afraid I focussed too much on the novel and not the TV series. But Browning! He is crazy. I have no idea what he is talking about, we spent...
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    Extension 1 2004

    Hey Everyone. I am nearly finished the first third of my English Extension Course for 2004. I am doing The Individual and Society, P and P, Robert Browning and north and South. If anyone else is also doing this it would be great to see how other schools are going. xoxoxo
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    Beginning Extension 1 for 2004

    Hello! I am just starting Extension 1, with The Individual and Society. I am studying North and South, P and P and Robert Browning. If anyone else is new like me or if anyone's got any tips, hit me back. :D :D :D