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  1. Italian Hotshot

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. It looks like Carney might be leaving as well ... going over to play for Sheffield Wednesday. European clubs are really starting to take notice of the rosters of A-League clubs, a trend emerging?
  2. Italian Hotshot

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    Valencia are grubs, pure and simple. Inter players and fans haven't exaclty been angelic over the last few seasons but we aren't throwing punches after the game. Navarro is a thug, anyone see him punch + break Burdisso's nose? :mad:
  3. Italian Hotshot

    Last movie you've seen?

    Blood Diamonds, it was suprisingly good. Leo's accent wasn't that bad either. :)
  4. Italian Hotshot

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Leather Blazer wallet that was on discount. Its great but I can't fit tha tmuch change in there. *sigh*
  5. Italian Hotshot

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    My sister doesn't post her often, so I'll post the UAI for her. 99.85.
  6. Italian Hotshot


    The final episode has everything, all lose ends are tied up and the tragic end of the Beecher/Keller saga I love OZ. :)
  7. Italian Hotshot

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    Inter have been playing amazing football of late. I had major doubts when we signed Ibrahimovic but he has single handedly guided Inter over the past 2 months. Bring on Valencia! :) This seasons comp is very open - I think that Bayern could upset Real and that PSV may at least get a draw...
  8. Italian Hotshot

    Which Football club will Lucas Neill end up?

    I read the other day that Aston Villa could be a possibility? I'd like to see him play in Italy, if he went to Barca he'd just be on the bench because I doubt he be a first 11 player.
  9. Italian Hotshot

    Fitness first

    Fitness First are really shifty - my sister made several appointments to cancel her membership but this can only be done once speaking to a manager, who was absent for two meetings. She finally meet him today (third time lucky) and to cancel a membership you have to give one months notice so...
  10. Italian Hotshot

    Last movie you've seen?

    The Prestige last week ... wow! I really enjoyed the way the plot developed and the stunts that were performed. Its just a shame that David Bowie wasn't given more screen time and I was pleasently suprised to see Niles from the Nanny (Daniel Davis) is still in work. Another magician movie is...
  11. Italian Hotshot


    Augustus Hill was a great narrator and sorry to see him go, the way this season ends and things sought themselves out with Schillinger is amazing. Said v Adebisi in Season 4 is really what made this series and his death really shock Oz up .... "once Adebisi has had you you'll always be his...
  12. Italian Hotshot

    The Official Football Thread 2006/2007

    After watching Lyon-Real this morning, it really hit me that despite all the big names they have Madrid can at time really struggle to go forward and Emerson isn't exactly known for being the most creative midfielder. Carew really tore the defence to shreds, though everytime he touched the...
  13. Italian Hotshot

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    Just ordered three tees from Threadless. Fingers crossed they will be heere in a week or two. The Fashion of Terror, House of Freaks & Mummy Cool tees. :)
  14. Italian Hotshot

    2007 STI Limited

    Only pictures I could find at the moment. I really do like that interior even if the body of the car doesn't look like it has changed all that much.
  15. Italian Hotshot

    Do You Think You'll Do A Postgraduate Degree?

    Masters of Finance. It is too hard to be a 'fully rounded' analyst without it and alot of management-type positions have that a pre requisite.
  16. Italian Hotshot

    Bring Back Futurama!

    Favourite ep? Would have to be "300 Big Boys." :D
  17. Italian Hotshot

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. And now apparently he isn't the coach anymore. I pray to god he doesn't end up as an analyst on SBS again. Frank Farina is a possible replacement. I know Farina didn't impress everyone when he was coach of the Socceroos but he does have potential. What...
  18. Italian Hotshot

    Exam timetables are up:)

    Planning and Environmental Law (V1) Wed 15/11/2006 8:30:00 AM Property Portfolio Analysis (V2) Friday 17/11/2006 8:30:00 AM Property Investment Friday 24/11/2006 8:30:00 AM
  19. Italian Hotshot

    V8 Supercars 2006

    10 safety cars? :eek: It really was an amazing race. Scaife and Bright out early was a major shock and there were so many big accidents today. Paul Radisich is one very lucky man after his huge crash. Disappointing not to see Tander or Ryan Briscoe get the chance to drive and it was nice...
  20. Italian Hotshot

    Audi R8

    This was on 'The Car Show' a few weeks ago wasn't it? Neat but at the same time stylish interior, an amazing engine and I really love the body design as well. So mouthwatering but the price is out of this world.