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  1. Zenithliza

    Who thinks sourav should be banned?

    I am in total agreement with natstar. Honestly, just look at all the joy the little indian man has brought us. Constant entertainment. Ofcourse, he is a total knob and a wanker, but we need people like that to make ourselves better and have a good bloody laugh. And look at the unity it has...
  2. Zenithliza


    I had a lookie around Wollongong campus the other day. It's actually really nice. I would be happy to go there.
  3. Zenithliza

    define "Retreat from the GLobal

    Hey babydoll. I studied RFTG for a year and I still dont know what the hell it is. Our teacher told us all year ' it will come together by the HSC'. It doesn't, but throughout the year you should learn how to dribble crap about cultural boundaries being eroded, and just rehashing the rubric...
  4. Zenithliza

    whats the best & worst concert / live act you've ever been to?

    The best was definately George at Homebake or Prodigy at BDO. Worst.... hmmmmm probably Silverchair at Big Day Out 2002. They were dreadful! Garbage were bad too..
  5. Zenithliza

    English syllabuses, new and old - what're your thoughts?

    I have to say I think the new HSC syllabus is ridiculous. That SMH article by James King from a while back nicely pointed that out. Although I can see problems with the old syllabus, and the fact its a whole bunch of rote learning, I still think it is more English. Traditional English, which...
  6. Zenithliza

    Exam thoughts..

    I was happy with the case study. I do Elizabeth so I talked about gender and her handling of religion as the two issues. But I didn't do too great in the first part. It was my last essay and I was just so buggered that I felt myself crapping on... oh well. It's over now!
  7. Zenithliza

    School Crazes/in things

    We had really annoying obsessions at our school. We had the fruit fights, we also had taxing. Taxing involved taking the property of someone else, and leaving them a note saying 'You've been taxed' where there property was. Royal pain in the arse, you couldn't leave anything unattended. Then we...
  8. Zenithliza

    History Extension Exam Forum

    I started a thread in the History Extension forum for the meantime..
  9. Zenithliza

    anyone cheat on the HSC?

    Yeah I didn't cheat either, but I agree it would have been very easy to do so. In my language exam I had to tell the supervisors to check my dictionary to make sure there weren't notes in it.
  10. Zenithliza

    Exam thoughts..

    Since there is no exam thoughts forum, why don't we just post what we think here?
  11. Zenithliza

    History Extension Exam Forum

    Oooohhh.... I agree!!
  12. Zenithliza


    Four hours till freedom.... ahhhh I can't wait..
  13. Zenithliza

    retreat from the global

  14. Zenithliza


    hahaha.... hey bob. I just noticed this post (ahhh bit late) in a beautiful bout of procrasination in studying for extension history tomorrow. ( I just keep telling myself that.. its an afternoon session.. I have allll morning.. ) I didnt even read both languages for the question so I wouldnt...
  15. Zenithliza

    Mulitple choice

    Hey Jason. I put d for 13 because justice is a concept, or what the legal system aims to achieve. It is achieved through such things as precedent. That's just my two cents, I'm not totally sure its right, but thats why I put d.
  16. Zenithliza

    wow- they want to place our projects!

    Yep mine is being entered into the comp. Thanks for reminding me because I had one tiny typo in it.. so I have to fix it before it gets sent.
  17. Zenithliza

    Do you feel confident about achieving the UAI which you are aiming for?

    I'm a classic burn out case. I just lost the power and will to work anymore about a month ago... so sad... bye bye good uai.
  18. Zenithliza

    Prescribed readings?? What the??

    Hmm.. that is very odd. Well, it's not a disaster, because they shouldn't refer to them specifically, however markers will probably expect people to include atleast one or two from the booklet. What historians have you studied? They might be from the booklet anyway and then you will be fine.
  19. Zenithliza

    do you want to laugh?

    Jan 33? :D
  20. Zenithliza

    What area/topic of history was your major work?

    These all sound really cool. Is anyone actually going to post them up on this site?