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  1. Serge Gainsbourg


    It depends on you as a student: Legal Studies doesn't really require insane amounts of reading, but I would say there is a fair bit you have to read in comparison to other subjects. You shouldn't be worried about reading legislation and cases, most of the time you can get the same information...
  2. Serge Gainsbourg

    Taking Notes from Multiple Sources

    I think it would be good to start off your notes on your computer, and then when you're sure it's finalised you can handwrite it in your book. Or if you're really dedicated enough you could try filling out all of the notes using syllabus points on your computer over the school term, maybe spend...
  3. Serge Gainsbourg

    Thesis, Anthesis, Synthesis (?) Band 6 help

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on two essays which I will have to re-write in class with a set of notes to assist me. I already sent my teacher the essays for feedback and he said I should be getting a high Band 5,, but I'm aiming for a Band 6. I want to include some sort of Thesis...