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  1. Malfoy-Sama

    aboriginal studies help

    Stop being racist.
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    Ownership of our bodies

    well those teenagers are dirty whores but its not my problem so whatever. they will love it when no one wants to marry them as they are dirty and impure used goods. no law against it however, a womans womb may belong to her however, the baby inside has its own body also. and it is not...
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    UQ - traditional or bastardized? 正體字還是殘字

    lol. well i must say i dont at all like the "errr" sound they add to everything!! hmm lets not praise mao ze dong aye.... one of the biggest mass murderers in history killed more people than either hitler or stalin... and also, the literacy in tw and hk is higher.. by alot.. and they use...
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    Climate Change

    why do you call it "skeptic"? its not being skeptical about it. its just not believeing in this bullshit there have been ice ages there have been far far hotter periods (most notable being the medieval warm period) its a natural cycle ffs people who beleive in the politically correct...
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    UQ - traditional or bastardized? 正體字還是殘字

    mm no mostly from watching taiwan tv lol == anyway i guess nobody knows answer to my question D=
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    UQ - traditional or bastardized? 正體字還是殘字

    australian. yeah but the thing is though, traditional is so fashionable and gaining so much influence in china in recent years especially with younger people. they are all using traditional whenever they can. so i dont know if it will even last in mainland china no matter how...
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    Whats 'hot' for you?

    cute and sweet and innocent =D
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    UQ - traditional or bastardized? 正體字還是殘字

    coz they dont make sense, look pretty hideous, no history (ie made by communists 50 yrs ago), the changes made are inconsistent, and apart from that, all scholars of chinese language see them as a complete joke and absolutely refuse to use them in their work. even beijing uni in mainland china...
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    Aboriginal studies...

    howz it goin' cuz?
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    For those who believe that homosexuality is genetic

    hehehehehe i(dontlike)Negros neither. they will be the next ones to go =D
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    For those who believe that homosexuality is genetic

    stop discussing why these people are fags (mental disease, to be interesting), and start discussing how these people can be saved/cured!!!!! =D
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    lol. what i think is that you should get off whatever the fuck you are smoking hippie.
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    recognition of "traditional landowners", aboriginal seperatism

    us prejudiced and bigoted evil white men are forgetting... the abos didnt build courts, or write laws (or anything else), or progress technologically in any way for that matter... BECAUSE, they knew that doing so would cause unsustainable carbon emissions and devastating climate change...
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    recognition of "traditional landowners", aboriginal seperatism

    typical ANU communist who needs to come live in the real world. should the japanese acknowledge the ainu tribes before their functions? should the anglo briitish acknowledge the celts? they came in and invaded, killing them and driving them off their land too, of course the same has...
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    Rudd's "Education Revolution"

    my problem is the amount of attention they will give certain issues. eg hours on global warming, "sorry day", aboriginal history at the expense of many other important things and yes, i have talked to a number of teachers too who say its absolute rubbish and will of course do nothing but...
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    Pro lifers who support the death penalty.

    good way of putting it people need to be held accountable for their actions our justice system is way too soft a "life sentence" for rape ends up to be 25 yrs but let out early at about 13 yrs? we must have harsh punishments to curb such riffraffery.
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    Issues of the LGBT community in Australia...

    i dont intend to discriminate or spread hatred about transsexuals. i am merely stating the fact that i would feel uncomfortable around such a person i do not hate them, i just see them as people who are in a very pitiful situation, and have something going on mentally that has caused them to...
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    STUDENTS OF LAW - conservative or leftist?

    oh no im not saying it matters or id choose based on that im just interested to know!