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    anyone put down communications or media?

    hey anyone doing media and comminucations, or would like to, or doing a similar thing? I have like put in for it at like 4 uni's Bit worried about the theory in it, cause like.. hmm sounds like english horrible stuff. I wanted to escape that.
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    um am i the only one who is bad in physics?

    thanks yeah i guess it is a minority, I am just stuffed for physics, half cause its my last exam and so could not be bothered, i just want it over with. good luck everyone cheers
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    um am i the only one who is bad in physics?

    hey i read all this stuf on here, and I seem to be the only one who does not know what they are going on about. so reasurrance please.. there are yr 11 students flippin starting to study! And i am yet to start, 4 days before the exam!! anyone in my position??
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    Wonderland Excursion!

    hehe our physics teacher just took us there to go on the rides, we never got given any sheets and didnt discuss any of it ever he was the best teacher.. now its all over...
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    I love clean water...

    hmmm yeah, i think my mum could have answered that friggin question! I reckon my little sister would have got over 50% for that exam!! And yes it was very flippin broad!! Does anyone have any idea about red blood cells?? They either ask stuff that a garden gnome would know, or stuff that was...
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    God vs Human story

    hmmm I go to a christian school (protestant) and we initially reminded ourselves of the true facts of creation, then went ahead to look at evolution, and along the way, saw how many holes were in the evolution theory, we laughed along the way, to think that people think christians are ignorant...
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    Easier than trial??

    yeah it was easy. but yeah that whacked stupid source C!! yeah lets just chuck a photo of some random women standing next to a car smiling, and this is going to represent changing flippin expectations!!!! good one board of studies. out of all the photos and stuff, u found and chose that one...
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    Easier than trial??

    hey, do u reckon that it was easier than the trial?? or was it the same? or was it harder? I found it was about the same as the catholic trial.
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    Albert speer

    yeah yeah true. I couldnt maintain much of an answer for long though, it was a bit tough. How many pages did people do for good ol albert?
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    Albert speer

    hey who else thought they couldnt write much on the second question of albert speer! It was only half of his career! Oh well, its all over
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    History Is Today

    Hey everyone. History is today. Who feels unprepared?!??? I hope the questions are not as freaky as last year. Well we will find out very soon anyways. Good luck everyone.
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    catholic trial

    Speer hmmm, everyone seems to do the electives we don't do. We are doing Arab-Israeli, the question was ok, but they are always usually very broad, or very specific!! Can't there be an in between!?!? And yeah the WW1 was easy as! Felt like i was in yr 6 doing a comprehension on a book we read...
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    how is everyone studying???

    me, i am doing nothing lol hey yeah i just read over heaps of stuff. I don't do much practise stuff cause they can ask u anything, so i don't bother focusing on a particular thing. Re read quotes and write them out etc.
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    HSC Trial (catholic Paper)

    not everyone has done the catholic trial! We only started the trials today and we did the catholic english papaer one
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    Catholic Trials (paper 1) - What did u think?

    Yeah hey, everyone didn't do the catholic trial on the same day. its the 22nd i just did the paper today. U people scare me when u say u wrote 8 pages for section 3!! I can only write barely 3 in 40 mins!! Does anyone agree with me?? Or is it me who just sucks??
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    Physics is FUN !

    hmmm physics is one of those subjects that i have no idea what goes on in. For example ideas and implementation!! What the? Lots of stuff in a little time period. oh well.
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    aaah i don't get how you can like this topic! It is so annoying. Germany was so much better than this!
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    John Donne

    Hey, anyone doing this guy? Does anyone else sitting in a double english, while your teacher goes off in some tangent, not related at all to the text, and you just wanna tell her off....... anyways