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    Modern Greek Extension

    pedia yo sorries, go to st pauls greystanes (near parra) and go to seven hills for greek eh, eseis?
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    Modern Greek Extension

    pedia well people, i hope they dont mark down either coz i wrote 4 for question 3, and for section one i wrote two pages for each of the last two questions, u know the 4 mark and the 6 mark ones, lol, i only studied ax ellada, i never thought they woulda put hey man in, i guess i was right lol.
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    Modern Greek Continuers

    Hahahah omg has anyone done a paper that easy, and u know wat the funny thing is, my teacher at sat. skool actually said that people rang the board of studies and complained, YES COMPLAINED, that the paper was "too hard" LMAOOOO, i didnt even use my dictionary. The writing section was easy, the...
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    Modern Greek Extension

    Giasas Pedia Yo pplz, greek was seriously a piece of piss. Song analysis was pretty easy except part where u gotta talk bout another poem, but if u were prepared u woulda smashed that bit. First writing task was abit iffy but yeah wat can u do, only wrote 2 booklet pages for that :( Last...