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    'Premier's All Rounder' award.

    thats f*cked i wanted a ceremony featuring a free feed .
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    'Premier's All Rounder' award.

    If we were an all rounder, do we actually get a certificate in the mail or anything? Cause i sorta expected to see one accompany my HSC results yesterday, but nothing was there.
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    woo standard english 2nd =) so proud.
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    Average HSC Mark V ATAR

    What subs did you do..?
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    Average HSC Mark V ATAR

    Lol. Well, it wasn't my priority subject but i was always organised for it completely & knew everything about my prescribed texts, related texts and the modules.
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    Average HSC Mark V ATAR

    Average HSC Mark: 92.16 ATAR: 97.45 Hmmmmmmmmmm. The majority of my subjects aren't good scalers, so that's a bit weird.
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    How to do well in English?

    Mate my advice is that you need to get related texts organised early, so that by the time trials come around you have everything set. For each module that needed a related text i had 4, just so i could use the best one. Know your texts inside out - draw out themes especially. All my essays were...
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    English Standard

    Yeaaah, got second in the state. So stoked! & yeah i did advanced in year 11, hated it and dropped. Thankfully.
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    What is the HSC Merit List?

    Isnt it supposed to be up on the board of studies site by midday..? Its now 1:35pm, no action.
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    English Standard

    I got a band 6 : 94/100 =) cheeeeringg
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    Business Studies 91 91 91 6 English Standard 94 94 94 6 General Mathematics 97 97 97 6 Modern History 90 92 91 6 History Extension 45 45 45 E4 Studies Of Religion 1 45 45 45 6 Holy shit, i get on the premier's all rounder list ! =)
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    All rounders/DA in newspapers

    Simply - when does the daily telegraph publish the distinguished achievers / all rounders list etc..? Is it tomorrow, the 16th of December..?
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    G to the ERMANY

    I did question b). I liked it, as i knew quite a lot about propaganda, terror & repression, and historians views on it. I think many people wouldn't have taken into account "....on the german people"; propaganda, terror & repression doesn't necessarily refer to RACIAL POLICIES so therefore one...
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    I used maybe ONE actual direct quote as in within " " for each section. After reading the marker's notes i found that it shows you know the historian better if you spoke in some depth about what the historian believed and how they analysed a situation etc rather than just spitting out a quote...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I sort of get what you mean. But what i did for Speer was like; I firstly defined what "times" aka contexts meant for Speer, like; the love of hitler, conflicts, anti-semitism etc. Then i went through and used i think 8 historians, and each of their relevant views on whether he was a...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Fuccccck yeah that was alright ! Considering i strategically didn't learn parts of the syllabus thinking they wouldn't be tested lol.. was soo nervous opening the paper, & when i saw it was all stuff that i knew i was preeetty happy :jump: WW1: Stalemate & Women - Pretty eaassy; should get...
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2 (Modules)

    Section 1; Distinctively Visual, Maestro - pretty good, general question, the fact that they asked for ONE related text meant i could go in detail + discuss more themes. wrote 12 pages. Section 2; Close Study, Wilfred Owen - yeah fair decent, i did 'anthem for doomed youth' and rather than...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Can someone pleeaase scan the multiple choice up! Spastic hsc people said i couldn't take the paper, and i'm dying to go through multiple choice.
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    multiple choice help

    These are all my answers; for the debatable ones i will put my reasoning for choosing that particular options. I may be wrong, i'm highly doubting i got them all right. 1) A : easy one, read in macquarie guide those exact words "...renew and conserve life". 2) A : it was either a) or c) but i...
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    Section II

    Sweeeeet. What about Question 25b): 'The mass of a sample of microbes is 50mg. There are approximately 2.5x10^6 microbes in the sample. In scientific notation, what is the approximate mass in grams of one microbe?' Sooo i went; 50mg / 2.5x10^6 Which gave me 1 / 50000 ; the mass of ONE...