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    Transferring from arts?

    Can you recieve credit transfer from transferring from bach of arts to IT or whatever? the arts major don't seem to be relevant though.
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    Asking for more marks for my trials

    so we can view our assessment ranks tommorow aswell? :O
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    what part of it?
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    I couldn't understand it lol.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    the tests were def harder than the practice materials.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    some pick the middle questions were a bit ....... 2-3 were identical.
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    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    was the leap year, adding every single one?
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    So fucked for trials

    Doesn't take into consideration ranks,moderated and raw marks.
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    Raw marks for maths 2U

    Have a look at the Raw-marks database
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    Are both the Area of Study and modules equal in weighting

    Is the Area of study and modules equal in weighting for e.g (50% weighting for each) for the HSC exam? thanks in advance:blink2:
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    what happens when your ranked 2nd internally.

    Do you get the second highest internal moderated mark? Thanks guys
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    want a good atar but fked up a subject

    So we have received our reports :cool: But everything went really really well except general maths :mad: I have 50% left and my rank is 40/51 -_- Does this mean My atar will be dragged down completely?
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    Post Half Yearly ATAR Estimate?

    60 atar? why so negative? You'll be fine :haha:
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    Top band 6 essays?

    Anybody got 19/20 or 20/20 business essays I could look at to see whats needed to achieve these marks? My essays for hy were 17/20, Would like some advice to get them into the top range!